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Toughbook or consumer grade?

Are Toughbook and Toughpad devices really worth the higher initial price? When it comes to the concrete floors and loading docks of warehousing, cheap tablets can end up costing a lot more.

Consumer-grade tablets. Tempting, but can they handle the abuse?

Consumer devices aren't designed for life in a warehouse. They can't survive small falls, can't protect themselves from a few drops of rain and struggle keep you connected. Time and again, businesses that put consumer-grade tablets and laptops in harm's way find that damaged machines and constant downtime costs far more than saved by purchasing lower-priced hardware.

If they break, we can just get more… right?

They're cheap after all. However, when you factor in lost productivity to downtime plus additional IT overhead to repair failing fragile devices and provision replacements, inexpensive hardly rapidly becomes unaffordable.

How Toughbook and Toughpad earn their keep in warehousing

Toughbook and Toughpad devices are designed to military specifications for the most demanding environments. With failure rates at or below 2% (5 times lower than the industry average of 11%), Toughbook devices return more value for the price than any other mobile computer in the industry.

Talented multi taskers

Why stick with scan guns and one-trick machines when you can put virtually every application your staff needs in the palm of their hands? Whether you choose Windows® or Android, Toughpad tablets and handhelds can extend desktop-level computing and data access throughout your operation.

Rugged from the inside out

Drop-tested from 6 feet at 26 angles, vibration-tested to ensure operation in unsprung vehicles our devices shrug off the daily warehouse grind.

Work in the sun

Anti-reflective so it they are easy to work in full sunlight and glove- compatible for 24-7 work in the worst weather, our IP-rated devices let you keep moving. Indoors or out. Whatever the weather. Whatever the hour.

Dedicated accessory range

From barcode scanners and RFID readers, to security and connectivity-enhancing software, all accessories are tested and certified by Panasonic to Toughbook and Toughpad standards, guaranteeing full compatibility.

Mobile ergonomics

Ergonomically designed and rigorously tested, our fully rugged and flexible vehicle docks and mounts provide a complete, safety-compliant system that’s easily transferable between forklifts.

Optimum connectivity

Where other devices fail, Toughbook and Toughpad stay connected. Our models offer combinations of LAN, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, WWAN (3G/4G) and GPS, and our vehicle docks offer optional dual antenna pass-through to further enhance connectivity.

Specialist support and services

Panasonic ProServices offers added-value professional services that include managed deployment, technical support, asset management and user training, ensuring your project is rolled out smoothly and successfully.

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