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Wireless Testing

As a core manufacturer, Panasonic controls and closely monitors the wireless testing process to ensure unsurpassed quality, reliability and exceptional performance. Panasonic has invested millions of dollars in research and development, testing and building world-class wireless testing facilities.

Panasonic currently operates one of the world's largest anechoic chambers in the industry, in Kobe, Japan. This state-of-the-art chamber blocks unwanted radio signals and interference, producing a controlled environment for testing radio frequency (RF) signals on Toughbook® and Toughpad® wireless products. Tests performed in the chamber are over the air (OTA), including total isotropic sensitivity (TIS) and total radiated power (TRP).

Based on the anechoic chamber test results, Panasonic builds customized antennas and modules to maximize the wireless performance of our computers and tablets. Testing is performed in heat, cold, rain and other typical real world environments. These tests evaluate driver performance, connection manager software performance, and variable environmental and network conditions that users commonly encounter while traveling. The results of these tests help Panasonic engineers to isolate and address problem areas before the final design is approved for manufacturing.

It is through these rigorous and exhaustive testing procedures that Panasonic is able to ensure that Toughbook computers and Toughpad tablets deliver a robust, consistent connection for users across a wide range of industries in a variety of settings and geographies.

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