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Extreme Testing

Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers must endure torturous tests at Panasonic R&D and quality assurance facilities on a daily basis. These rigorous tests have been ongoing for more than a decade as Panasonic technicians continue their quest for even higher levels of computer reliability and performance under the harshest conditions. The technicians are so demanding that more than 1,000 Toughbook mobile computers are deliberately damaged every year, just to determine how tough they really are.

The testing program helps ensure that all newly manufactured Toughbook computers meet Panasonic's high quality standards. In addition, testing seeks to reveal any product weaknesses so that engineers can then design even greater durability and reliability into future Toughbook models.

To ensure that Toughbook computers exceed MIL-STD requirements, technicians subject the computers to a battery of factory tests. For example, the hinges on all Toughbook models are factory tested to survive 50,000 cycles, and keyboards must last for 25 million keystrokes. Panasonic's commitment to quality—at both the component and finished goods level—results in a total of more than 500 checks and tests before, during and after production, on every unit built.

Quality Assurance

Panasonic's commitment to quality is unrivaled, with more than 500 checks and tests conducted on every unit throughout the manufacturing process.

The various tests that Toughbook mobile computers undergo:

Drop and Shock Resistance

To ensure they withstand repeated high impacts, Panasonic mobile computers are repeatedly drop-tested. Learn More

Liquid Resistance

Panasonic mobile computers are extensively tested for the ability to withstand varying degrees of liquid exposure. Learn More

Vibration Resistance

Rugged Panasonic mobile computers are designed to function even after enduring constant, high-level vibrations. Learn More

Particle Resistance

Fully-rugged computers are tested to resist dust and other harmful particles. Learn More

Temperature Resistance

Panasonic mobile computers undergo extensive testing to ensure they withstand extreme high and low temperatures. Learn More

Pressure Resistance

Rugged, reliable Panasonic mobile computers are built to take the pressure — physical as well as atmospheric. Learn More

Humidity Resistance

Panasonic mobile computers are thoroughly tested to operate after long exposure to highly humid conditions. Learn More

EMI and EMC Testing

Panasonic computers are tested to ensure they do not emit or experience interference from unwanted electromagnetic energy. Learn More

IP65 Testing

For protection against dust and water ingress, few laptops equal the IP65 certified rating of Panasonic mobile computers. Learn More

Wireless Testing

Rugged Panasonic mobile computers undergo extensive real world testing to assure a superior wireless experience for users. Learn More

Haz Loc Testing

Panasonic mobile computers go beyond UL60950 testing to achieve ANSI 12.12.01-2000 Hazardous Locations certification which assures safe operation in areas where potentially explosive or flammable substances may be present. Learn More

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