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Humidity Resistance

Many of the same features that make Toughbook® mobile computers and Toughpad® tablets liquid resistant also help prevent damage from high humidity. In addition to liquid resistance testing, Panasonic also performs rigorous testing on Toughbook fully-rugged computers in highly humid conditions.

The Humidity test is performed in accordance with MIL-STD-810G, Method 507.5 (Aggravated). Toughbook computers are tested for operation near the conclusion of the fifth and tenth cycles. Each cycle is one day (24 hours) and the entire test is performed over ten days. The temperature is cycled between 86°F and 140°F with the relative humidity at 95% constant.

Panasonic's humidity testing ensures that computer keyboard contact points and other electrical components are less vulnerable to shorting or corrosion from extreme humidity. In addition, Panasonic technicians conduct an internal test that intermittently checks the units to make sure they are operational. MIL-STD requirements do not require intermittent checks.

Beyond MIL-STD: Toughbook computers are intermittently checked to make sure they are operational for the duration of the entire humidity test. This ensures the units are not experiencing sporadic failures during testing.

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