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Vehicle Solutions

The Panasonic Police Cruiser

Our dedication to law enforcement has no equal among computer manufactures. From keeping our designs stable and backwards compatible year after to constantly refining our Arbitrator 360 HD evidence capture platform, Panasonic has your back.


A nerve center (with nerves of steel)

Toughbook mobile computers powered the digital revolution in law enforcement. Today, the latest Toughbook generation packs cutting-edge power in a chassis that is still comparable with docks and power supplies up to 15 years old.

Toughbook 31 Specs

No more heads-down time

With Toughpad devices, officers can run plates, scan fingerprints and check records car-side, so they never leave the subject unattended.

Toughpad FZ-G1 Specs

Airtight Evidence Capture

Arbitrator 360 HD captures 360° video and audio from vehicle-mounted HD cameras, plus full 720p HD footage from our rugged Arbitrator Body Worn Camera (BWC). Every moment of footage is time stamped and story in tamper-proof drives on the vehicle and our secure, cloud based management system.

Explore Arbitrator

Intelligence and awareness

Arbitrator can stream live audio and video from the scene to the cloud where dispatch and incident commanders and fellow officers on the scene can view operations from a vehicle and officer-level view.

See Arbitrator BWC

Extra eyes on every interaction

Officers can use their vehicles' Toughbook or Toughpad to review events and confirm details. The view-only video is completely tamperproof and every view, pause and interaction the officer has with the footage is recorded in the video's encrypted metadata.

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Vehicle solutions and accessories

Panasonic-certified docks, mounts, keyboards and displays.

Toughbook Vehicle Accessories

Turnkey deployments

Whether you chose Panasonic Field Services or a certified Panasonic Partner, we'll make sure your installation and deployment runs like clock work.

Cost Saving Maintenance and support

Panasonic Pro Services can provide bumper-to-bumper IT support for your in-vehicle technologies. Relying on us for disk image management, IT administration and long-term service keeps your systems up and running usually at far lower costs than doing it in-house.

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