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Toughbook Preferred

Offering best-in-class warranty and online resources, Toughbook Preferred allows organizations to review service data and increase user productivity and uptime. Toughbook Preferred provides round-the-clock technical support, overnight repair and priority exchange shipping, and the assistance of the Panasonic team of professional Technical Field Managers. Toughbook Preferred provides a complete solution for IT-savvy organizations.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited, 24/7, year-round access to dedicated technical support for in- and out-of-warranty Toughbook mobile computers.
  • A fast and easy repair process with next-business-day shipping within the United States.
  • Use of service trend analysis that allows organizations to quickly identify user issues and improve return on investment.

In addition to industry-leading technical support, Panasonic offers parts availability for all repairs up to seven years after a model is discontinued. And, when it's time to upgrade, end-of-life recycling is free when the unit is sent to Panasonic's designated recycling facility.

In-Warranty Services include Panasonic preferred handling, which means that the average repair is completed in two days or less. Panasonic will also repair any minor cosmetic issues and, once a year, a Panasonic Technical Field Manager will visit when additional training, support or troubleshooting is required.

Another benefit of Toughbook Preferred is Online Service Analysis, which permits IT administrators to access the complete service history data on all Toughbook computers sent in to Panasonic's National Service Center. This gives administrators the ability to identify user issues and increase productivity. And, this online tool allows an organization's internal IT department to identify pre-defined events that have previously impacted the organization.

Toughbook Preferred Services not available on the Panasonic Arbitrator.


Toughbook Preferred Pricing Information

Specification and prices subject to change without notice.
3-year Plan CF-S09SLB $80 per unit

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