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Financing Services

The reliability and long lifecycle of Toughbook mobile computers and Toughpad tablets help organizations maintain their competitive edge but today's economy can make technological updates a challenge. To help companies fulfill their mobile computing needs, Panasonic offers a range of flexible and attractive financing options.

Lease Back Financing

For customers who have used their budget on Toughbook computer purchases or purchased the equipment in cash, and require more equipment, Panasonic offers lease back financing. Through this program, customers can turn recently purchased equipment into working capital by putting their Toughbook computers back on a lease and receiving the purchase price back in cash. The cash can then be used to purchase more Toughbook computers or to pay for the lease payments of more Toughbook computers.1

The lease back financing option is available to all customers who have completed a sale within the last 90 days and is subject to Panasonic Finance transactional approval. All Toughbook models qualify for this program.

1 Cash equivalent received by customer must be reinvested into new Panasonic Toughbook product order.

Contact Panasonic Business Finance:
Call Panasonic Business Finance for additional information regarding these programs, as well as terms and rates - 888-479-8111 ext. 4340

Step Financing/Flexible Lease Plan

To provide organizations with even more flexible payment options, Panasonic offers the following financing and lease plans:

Step Payments

For companies that need more Toughbook computers than their current budget will allow. This option structures payments for the remaining part of the year to match the current monthly budget amount.

Flex Lease

This option is for organizations that have predictable but uneven cash flows and can only buy during peak cash flow months. This program allows lease payments to match cash flows, including skipping months, if necessary.