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Hot Swap Management

24-Hour Exchange

Panasonic's Hot Swap Management provides your users with next-business-day delivery of a customer-owned Toughbook® computer or Toughpad® tablet when their unit requires service. This Hot Swap unit will be configured with your organization's gold disk image. Once the Hot Swap is received, your user will ship their unit to our National Service Center for repair and restocking. This service minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

Service Description

The Hot Swap Management program requires customer-owned Toughbook computers and Toughpad tablets to be stored at our National Service Center. All Toughbook computers and Toughpad tablets stored will be configured to your organization's requirements and maintained with your organization's current gold disk image. To ensure your Hot Swap units are maintained with your current image, your organization may send an updated image to our National Service Center as new applications are deployed to your users or up to once a quarter.

When your user calls the Panasonic Technical Support hotline, our representative will either resolve the user's problem over the phone or ship a Hot Swap for next-business-day delivery. With this service, Panasonic will provide your organization's users with the support they need to stay productive. Additionally, there will be no shipping charges to and from our National Service Center within the United States for all in-warranty Toughbook computers covered by this program.

Service Benefits

  • Reduce mobile support burden on your organization's IT resources
  • Optimize organizational and customer satisfaction levels
  • Enhance user productivity by minimizing downtime when units are sent in for service

Service Procedures

  • Your organization's user initiates a Hot Swap request by calling the Panasonic Technical Support hotline at 1.800.LAPTOP5, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with Toughbook Premier and Toughbook Preferred. Otherwise, it will be available from 8AM to 8PM Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.

  • A Panasonic representative will work with your user to determine coverage and the source of the problem. If it is determined that a Hot Swap is required, our representative will request the following information:
    • Name
    • Business address — user location
    • Unit model and serial number
    • Date of failure
    • Description of problem

  • The Panasonic representative will work with your user to coordinate the shipment of a Hot Swap unit and the return of your user's original unit.

  • All requests received by 3PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays, will have a Hot Swap Toughbook computer or Toughpad tablet sent out for next-business-day arrival within the United States.

  • Upon receipt of the Hot Swap unit, your user will completethe necessary documentation and ship their original unit to our National Service Center.

  • After Panasonic receives your user's original unit, our National Service Center will repair the unit, re-image the hard drive and return it to your organization's Hot Swap inventory.

Hot Swap Management Service

Must be purchased as part of the original Toughbook computer sale.
Toughbook Computers
3-year Plan CF-SVCHSM3Y
4-year Plan CF-SVCHSM4Y
5-year Plan CF-SVCHSM5Y
Toughpad tablets
3-year Plan FZ-SVCTPHS3Y
4-year Plan FZ-SVCTPHS4Y
5-year Plan FZ-SVCTPHS5Y
APOS = After Point of Sale
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Additional Resources

Hot Swap Management FAQs          |         Hot Swap Management Brochure [pdf, 1.3mb]
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