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Field Consulting Service

Panasonic's Field Consulting Service is provided by our Solution Technical Architects (STAs) when additional technical training, application support, after-deployment troubleshooting and problem resolution are needed to support your organization's computers. Our STA will meet with your organization's team to review any issues impacting your mobile deployment. We have strong and strategic alliances in information technology, vehicle-mounting hardware and wireless communications to ensure that Toughbook® computers and Toughpad® tablets continue to be the industry's most reliable. These alliances have been built through collaboration and new product development, providing a sharing of technology and expertise. When your organization needs to upgrade software images, or redeploy your units to a different group, our Field Consulting Service provides your organization with support. Our expertise with hardware and specific vertical market applications can help resolve any issues impacting your organization's deployment.

Warranty Description

Panasonic STAs will provide on-site support at your organization's location. Our industry experience comes from working closely with our customers in their technology environments. This gives our STAs the ability to identify issues based on a broad range of experience. Once the issue is identified and the resolution is determined, we can recommend the best course of action for your internal team. This service does not include making changes to deployed Toughbook® computers or Toughpad® tablets, any third party software or other mobile equipment. Field product updates and other longer-term support requirements will be provided by our STAs for additional cost. This could include a cycling of computers or other mobile equipment to our National Service Center to receive the necessary work. If the issue is a hardware failure covered under our Limited Standard Warranty, the repairs will be completed at no charge to your organization. A full explanation of the terms and conditions for our Limited Standard Warranty is contained in the owner's manual provided with every Toughbook computer and Toughpad tablet. If your organization has purchased the Panasonic Protection Plus warranty, this coverage will also be used to determine in-warranty status.

This service does not include performing hardware repair on units, including those that are identified by our technical support hotline as covered under the Limited Standard Warranty. Toughbook/Toughpad computer repairs identified and covered by the Standard Warranty will be done based on your organization's coverage and warranty service level.

Service Benefits

  • Consistent technical support while your organization's Toughbook computers and Toughpad tablets are deployed
  • Access to STAs experienced in technical environments within your organization's industry
  • Efficient issue resolution to keep your organization's mobile computers in the field and mobile workforce productive

Field Consulting Service Pricing Information

To purchase this service, your organization's representative contacts a Panasonic Sales Manager, who will determine the extent of the potential issue and provide an estimate for the time required to identify the issue. The Sales Manager and STA will work together to coordinate the on-site visit. Your organization will only be billed for the on-site days required to identify the issue and provide your organization with a best course of action for resolution.
Field Consulting Service – Per Day CF-S09TFMCNS $1200
Field Consulting Travel – Per Visit CF-S09TFMTVL $1500
Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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