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Extended Warranty

Panasonic's Extended Warranty provides your Toughbook® computers and Toughpad® tablets with up to an additional two years of Panasonic's excellent Standard Warranty coverage. All Panasonic computers and tablets come with our 3-Year Limited Standard Warranty. With our Extended Warranty, Panasonic offers coverage extensions for Toughbook computers and Toughpad tablets that will be in use past the expiration of the original Standard Warranty. This warranty makes it easy for your organization to keep units in the field longer. The Extended Warranty program covers all repair issues in the same manner as the Standard Warranty.

Warranty Description

All system components are covered under the Extended Warranty, except consumable items such as batteries, screen protectors, etc. This warranty requires that a complete list of model numbers and serial numbers be submitted at the time of purchase.

This warranty covers all repairs in the same manner as the Standard Warranty: it covers failures due to defects in materials or workmanship that occur during normal use. It does not cover damage that occurs in shipment; failures that are caused by software or virus issues; operational systems or application corruptions; products not supplied by Panasonic; failures that result from installation, alteration, accident, misuse, introduction of liquid or other foreign matter into the unit; and damage that is attributable to acts of God, abuse and neglect.

Additionally, improper maintenance, modification or service by any party other than our National Service Center or a Panasonic Authorized Service Provider will result in out-of-warranty status. A full explanation of the terms and conditions for our Limited Standard Warranty is contained in the owner's manual provided with every Toughbook® computer and Toughpad® tablet.

Warranty Benefits

  • Reduce the turnaround time for your Toughbook computer and Toughpad tablet repairs
  • Keep your mobile workforce productive by streamlining the repair process
  • Reduce administrative costs caused by out-of-warranty repairs and shipping charges
  • Enhance your organization's budget management process

Warranty Procedures

  • Your organization's user initiates the in-warranty repair of a Toughbook computer or Toughpad tablet by calling the Panasonic Technical Support hotline at 1.800.LAPTOP5, which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • A Panasonic representative will work with your user to determine warranty coverage and the source of the problem. If it is determined that either a replacement part or service is required, our representative will request the following information:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Unit model and serial number
    • Date of failure
    • Description of problem

  • If it is determined that your unit is in-warranty and requires shipment to our National Service Center, you will be provided with an authorization number and shipping information to send the unit to us by next-business-day delivery at no charge within the United States.

  • Our National Service Center will diagnose and repair your unit. Your Toughbook/Toughpad computer will then be returned via next-business-day delivery from our National Service Center at no charge within the United States.

Extended Warranty Service Pricing Information

The below service programs are available for purchase at the same time the hardware is purchased at the Suggested Retail Prices shown. Services sold after the point of sale are available at additional cost and require Panasonic approval.
Toughbook Computers
1-year Extension CF-SVCLTEXT1Y $200 per unit
2-year Extension CF-SVCLTEXT2Y $350 per unit
1-year Extension APOS CF-SVCLTEXTAPOS1Y $260 per unit
2-year Extension APOS CF-SVCLTEXTAPOS2Y $410 per unit
3-year Extension APOS CF-SVCLTEXTAPOS3Y $325 per unit
Toughpad Tablets
1-year Extension FZ-SVCTPEXT1Y $150 per unit
2-year Extension FZ-SVCTPEXT2Y $295 per unit
1-year Extension APOS (Year 4) FZ-SVCTPAPOSEXT1Y $175 per unit
1-year Extension APOS (Year 5) FZ-SVCTPAPOSEXTY5 $205 per unit
2-year Extension APOS (Year 4 & 5) FZ-SVCTPAPOSEXT2Y $325 per unit
APOS = After Point of Sale
Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

Additional Resources

Extended Warranty FAQs          |         Extended Warranty Brochure [pdf, 1.3mb]
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