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Deployment Services

Panasonic's Deployment Services are an effective and efficient management solution for your organization. Deployment Services can place "ready to use" Toughbook® and Toughpad® computers in your hands right out of the box. Panasonic's Deployment Team will work directly with you to provide a deployment solution specific to your needs. Whether you need custom imaging, asset tagging, branding or kitting, with our selection of deployment options, we are sure to find a solution for your project.

Service Benefits

  • Allow your IT team members to leverage resources for deployment when needed so they can keep doing their jobs
  • Tap into Panasonic's experienced team of professionals that roll out thousands of Toughbook and Toughpad computers every year
  • Ensure your organization's image is consistently deployed to your users and managed as part of the repair process
  • Reduce the cost of monitoring your user's Toughbook/Toughpad assets and other mobile-deployment assets in the field

Deployment and Asset Tagging

Panasonic representatives will work with your organization to review your deployment needs. We will load your organization's image based on your requirements, integrate optional hardware and accessories, and create and apply customer-specific asset tags. Then we will manage the delivery of Toughbook computers and Toughpad tablets to your users by shipping directly to them, or to another location designated by your organization. Shipping from our National Service Center within the United States is also included in the cost of the service. Once the deployment service is complete, we will provide your organization with a report detailing your assets.

Disk Image Management

This service allows in-warranty computers repaired at our National Service Center to have the hard drive re-imaged before they are returned directly to your organization's users. Panasonic will store your organization's image on secure servers at our National Service Center. Your organization will be able to store two images per model deployed on our servers, so your hard drive images can be specific to job duties, hardware and locations. Additional image requirements can be provided by Panasonic for an additional charge.

Online Service Analysis

Your organization's administrators can monitor your service history data on all Toughbook computers and Toughpad tablets sent to our National Service Center for repair. Easy access to this data gives your administrators the ability to identify user issues. Often when service trend analysis is performed, the issues identified can be quickly resolved by providing your users with additional training to increase their productivity. All system reports can be sorted by department, model, date and failure type. Additionally, our web-based tool allows your administrators to set up “watches” to identify pre-defined events that have impacted your organization in the past.

Asset Management

Panasonic's Asset Management system gives your organization's administrators a flexible way to view all your computer assets. We will enter your organization's information into our database as part of the deployment process. Our web-based tool makes it easy for your organization to print reports and quickly change user and asset information. Your administrators will have the ability to track and report on your organization's Toughbook/Toughpad assets as well as other mobile deployment-related assets. The system's reports are completely flexible and can be sorted by unit type, unit class, department, asset number and cost center. The most commonly used reports are Asset Detail, Asset Summary, Entitlement and Out-of-Warranty.

Deployment Services Pricing Information

The service period is for Disk Image Management, Online Service Analysis and Asset Management web-based tools. To extend the Toughbook/Toughpad computer warranty period 1 or 2 years, please refer to the Extended Warranty Brief.
3-Year Toughbook Premier Service Level Program CF-S09SLC3 $100
4-Year Toughbook Premier Service Level Program CF-S09SLC4 $130
5-Year Toughbook Premier Service Level Program CF-S09SLC5 $160
Initial Imaging, Asset Tagging and Shipping CF-SVCTBRONZE $60
APOS Year 4 CF-S09SLCY4AP $50
APOS Year 5 CF-S09SLCY5AP $80
APOS = After Point of Sale
*Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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