Authorized Internet Reseller



Coming Soon: Panasonic's Authorized Internet Reseller Program Panasonic’s Authorized Internet Reseller Program helps you find an authorized internet reseller in the US and purchasing Panasonic products from an authorized reseller qualifies you for very important benefits

  • The most up to date Panasonic product information, product pricing and individual promotional offers.
  • Products purchased from authorized Panasonic resellers are eligible for Panasonic’s limited warranty coverage.
  • Knowledge that the products were purchased by trusted resellers directly from Panasonic or a Panasonic distributor.
  • Knowledge that the products have been handled in a safe and legal manner.
  • Highly reduced risk of counterfeit products, or products that have been opened or tampered with prior to purchase.
  • Product and technical support for your purchase from authorized, highly trained customer service professionals.
  • Authorized resellers receive continuous product and service updates from Panasonic’s reseller support team