Residential Remodeling


Residential Remodeling Ventilation

Remodeling can be like Pandora's box -- all sorts of hidden surprises that are usually not good. It seems like you can never just replace one item without having to open up a wall, floor, or ceiling. WhisperFit® EZ can be installed from below the ceiling for super-simple replacement. When it comes to design solutions WhisperRecessed LED is the designers' choice for beautiful ventilation. WhisperWarm helps start off your day with a nice warm bathroom. WhisperControl Condensation Sensor Plus Can make any bathroom "smart", clean and healthy. In fact, ventilation should be the first step when energy retrofitting older houses -- by installing a Whisper fan as part of a remodel, you can solve your customers' long-term ventilation needs. Three great fan choices for remodeling are WhisperFit EZ, WhisperRecessed LED, and WhisperWarm.


WhisperFit® EZ is the perfect solution for any remodeler looking to quickly and easily replace and existing fan from below the ceiling. This fan enables you to utilized existing duct, while its low profile housing design ensures a proper fit in virtually any ceiling. Installation is made simple with this Flex-Z Fast™ installation bracket with articulating joints for EZ positioning through ceiling cavity.The detachable installation adapter provides greater flexibility when wiring and attaching the duct.


WhisperRecessed LED is the designer solution for high performance ventilation and architectural lightingPanasonic is putting a spotlight on design with an architectural grade recessed light fixture that provides powerful, quiet ventilation. This 80 CFM exhaust fan disappears into a ceiling but doesn't hide from hard work in bathrooms, living, and laundry rooms. Adjustable lamp positioning and deep regression within the 6-1/2 in. aperture reduces glare from the energy efficient LED spotlight. Clean air and clean design add up to a cleaner environment with the energy efficient WhisperRecessed LED.

WhisperWarm are ideal comfort solution for residential bathroomsWhisperWarm adds room-warming comfort to chilly mornings to provide extra comfort to your residents. WhisperWarm fans feature a totally enclosed condenser motor and a large, double suction blower wheel for quiet operation and is designed to give you continuous, trouble-free operation for many years.


WhisperControl Condensation Sensor Plushas built-in intelligent and advanced sensor technology that monitors humidity and temperature to anticipate dew point, automatically operating the fan to control moisture. WhisperControl Condensation Sensor Plus controls moisture, has an optional sensitivity selector that provides protect in any climate. Additional benefits include an adjustable Minutes Per Hour (MPH) Fan Timer (0-60 min.) and a delay timer with 20-minute countdown cycle.