Residential Remodeling



Remodeling can be like Pandora's box -- all sorts of hidden surprises that are usually not good. It seems like you can never just replace one item without having to open up a wall, floor, or ceiling. Ventilation should be the first step when energy retrofitting older houses -- by installing a Whisper fan as part of a remodel, you can solve your customers' long-term ventilation needs.

WhisperFit™ EZ is the perfect solution for any remodeler looking to quickly an easily replace and existing fan from below the ceiling. Learn More

WhisperRecessed LED is the designer’s choice for high performance ventilation that hides a powerful yet quiet 80CFM fan behind an elegant recessed LED can light. Learn More

WhisperWarm™ is the ideal luxury solution for residential bathrooms adding warmth to chilly mornings providing extra comfort to your residents. Learn More

Whisper Control Condensation Sensor Plus has built-in intelligent and advanced sensor technology that monitors humidity and temperature to anticipate dew point, automatically operating the fan to control moisture. Learn More