Multifamily Buildings


MultiFamily Ventilation Solutions

A lot of people living in one building means a lot of moisture that needs to be exhausted -- and a lot of fresh air that needs to be supplied without wasting energy. Most of us spend the majority of our time in homes or apartments. Making sure the home living environment has enough clean fresh air will help to improve occupant health. Many multifamily buildings do not consistently provide families with good indoor air quality. WhisperGreen-Select , WhisperValue and WhisperComfort go above and beyond the bath-fan call of duty. Combined they form a total IAQ solution for multi-family. WhisperGreen Select and WhisperValue ventilation fans exhaust pollutants generated inside the building, such as moisture from bathrooms and contaminants generated during cooking, along with chemicals from building materials and cleaners.WhisperComfort ERV can provide consistent, fresh air by pulling in and filtering outside air to help reduce contaminants and allergens.

Buildings that are well ventilated are also less likely to experience odor or moisture/mold issues. Three great fan choices for multifamily buildingWhisperGreen Select -- One Fan Endless IAQ Solutions Your total solution for indoor air quality, code compliance, green certification, and healthy indoor environments. WhisperGreen Select just jumped ahead of the pack in ventilation solutions. Our best fan now delivers an array of solutions for almost any application. This customizable all-in-one fan and fan/light combinations give you more than 250 possible configurations of multiple airflow rates, plug 'n play modules, and installation options.

WhisperValue is the lowest-profile Energy Star fan available; it actually fits in a 2x4 stud bay and is only 3 ?" deep. Installing a WhisperValue fan in a wall can greatly reduce your installed cost since you will not have to penetrate the fire-rated ceiling or install a ceiling radiation damper to meet fire code requirements.

WhisperComfort Energy Recovery fan (ERV) provides clean indoor air quality with balanced supply and exhaust ventilation air. This wall or ceiling-mounted unit is affordable, easy to install, and can be used as a spot ERV or whole-house ERV to comply with Green building IAQ standards. The fan is designed to run continuously at a low CFM setting WhisperComfort exhausts stale air, moisture, and indoor pollutants, while bringing in fresh, clean, tempered air from outside. WhisperComfort filters the air in the process making it an ideal choice for a single-room or as part of a whole-house indoor air quality strategy.

WhisperControl Condensation Sensor Pluswith built-in intelligent and advanced sensor technology that monitors humidity and temperature to anticipate dew point, automatically operating the fan to control moisture. WhisperControl Condensation Sensor Plus controls moisture, has an optional sensitivity selector that provides protect in any climate. Additional benefits include an adjustable Minutes Per Hour (MPH) Fan Timer (0-60 min.) and a delay timer with a 20 minute countdown cycle.