Green/Custom Homes


Green and Custom Builders Ventilation Solutions

High-performance green homes and high-end custom homes have at least one thing in common: customers who expect the best and know how to find it. They want houses that don't waste energy, they understand that sustainability matters, and they expect their house to deliver superior indoor air quality (IAQ). Noisy, underperforming bath fans will disappoint these people and discount your reputation. It is time to take your ventilation game to the next level.WhisperGreen Select is your fully customizable IAQ solution. It is the most versatile, energy efficient ventilation fan available. WhisperGreen Select will help you meet demanding local codes, green building guidelines and ventilation requirements with a vast array of modular options.

WhisperRecessed LED will satisfy your customers design requirements by combining performance and beauty, this quiet, powerful, energy efficient ventilation fan hides behind an elegant recessed LED can light. Additionally our WhisperControl Condensation Sensor Plus or Preset Countdown and Hourly Timer allow you and your customers to take complete control of their bathroom. In combination with our ventilation fans, the built-in intelligence and automatic adaptability features of these controls help save energy while keeping the bathroom air clean, dry, and healthy. High performance ventilation products for green, custom, high-end homes WhisperGreen Select is your total solution for indoor air quality, code compliance, green certification, and healthy indoor environments. WhisperGreen Select now delivers an array of solutions for almost any application -- including continuous whole house ventilation.

Customizable all-in-one fan and fan/light combinations give you more than 250 possible configurations of flow rates, plug and play modules, and installation options to meet Energy Star 3.0, ASHRAE 62.2, LEED, and other high performance building targets. WhisperRecessed LED is the designer solution for high performance ventilation and architectural lighting Panasonic is putting a spotlight on design with an architectural grade recessed light fixture that provides powerful, quiet ventilation. This 80 CFM exhaust fan disappears into a ceiling but doesn't hide from hard work in bathrooms, living, and laundry rooms. Adjustable lamp positioning and deep regression within the 6-1/2 in. aperture reduces glare from the energy efficient LED spotlight.

Clean air and clean design add up to a cleaner environment with the energy efficient WhisperRecessed LED. WhisperControl helps you to control indoor air quality beyond simple on-off switches, ventilation control devices allow you to fine-tune a whole house ventilation strategy. WhisperControl Condensation Sensor Plus detects and balances relative humidity and temperature to avoid condensation problems. A Sensitivity selector allows you to dial in condensation control based on the season and climate (humid, average, or dry). The fan turns off when conditions are in balance. An LED indicator light lets you know the status. WhisperControl Preset Count down and Hourly Timer will run the fan for a select period of time up to 60-minutes. Both products also feature an adjustable minutes-per-hour timer that ensures consistent and controlled ventilation throughout the day for compliance with ASHRAE 62.2.