Why Panasonic?


Panasonic a leader in consumer electronics, business solutions and industrial components has been in the solar business for 40 years, providing high efficiency and high quality solar panels HIT® for over 17 years. With so many years of experience, Panasonic's corporate goal is to provide durable, efficient and high performance products to its customers.

Panasonic's Commitment to Sustainability
- Panasonic currently owns one of the world's most impressive patent portfolios, a direct result of considerable and sustained investment in research and development.
- Panasonic ranked #5 in 2014 Best Global Green Brands - highest ranking of any electronics company.

Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town
Panasonic's most rewarding representation of our commitment to environmental responsibility is a showcase where we enhance people's lives with solar power, energy management and smart solutions.
- Will Operate 70% Of The Time Off Infrastructure Of Smart Technologies – Solar Power Generation Systems, Household Storage Battery Systems
- Project Cost Estimated At ¥60 Billion Yen (About $600,000)
- Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions By 70%
- Reduce Water Consumption By 30%
- Renewable Energy Utilization - Over 30%
- 3 Days Of Lifeline Power

HQ Facility in Newark, NJ
- Panasonic uses high-efficiency solar panels HIT® and lighting controls to enable daylight harvesting.
- Provides over 90% of employees with direct access to natural daylight.
- About 50% of employees use mass transit reducing carbon footprint by approximately 50%.