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Cold storage that heats up fast

Developed for the specific needs of the world’s largest data centers, freeze-ray brings automated retrieval and optical-disc reliability to the challenge of long-term mass storage. By combining the immutable storage characteristics of optical discs with the random-access speed and flexibility of a spinning disc array, freeze-ray turns long-term cold storage into nearline data that is easy to search and retrieve.

“The first technology we’ve seen that is densifying quickly enough to be competitive with hard drives” — VP, Infrastructure

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Access archives at near hard drive speeds

With normal seek times in the 200ms range (max. 800ms), maximum disc changing time of 60 seconds and throughput up to 10,800 MB/s, freeze-ray brings blazing access speed to the cold storage world of LTO tape.

Preserve data for 100 years

We estimate the lifetime of Panasonic optical Archival Discs to be about 100 years based on internal accelerated test being conducted at a temperature of 30°C and humidity 70% RH.

Cut energy consumption drastically

Unlike spinning disk arrays, freeze-ray consumes very little power in standby mode, just 7 watts, and doesn’t require air conditioning. Since optical discs and the freeze-ray drive system perform over a wide temperature and humidity range, freeze-ray can operate reliably in most ambient temperatures.

Backward Compatible

Current generation discs will function in all future drive iterations and technologies, so the archives you burn today will be accessible for the long term. Our newest generation Archival Disc format has tripled disc density BluRay Discs to 300GB. New signal processing technologies are on a set trajectory to deliver 1TB per disc density in the near future.


State of the art optical storage

  • Current Blu-Ray density: 100GB
  • Archival Disc Density: 300GB
  • Future density: 1TB and more
  • Permanent, immutable data archive
  • WORM (Write Once Read Many) and contactless optical discs
  • 100 years lifetime based on accelerated test being conducted at a temperature of 30°C and humidity 70% RH

12 Disc Magazines

  • Zero-touch, no contact design
  • User never handles discs
  • Read/Write laser never touches media

Detachable Drawers

  • 8 Magazine Capacity
  • Easy to swap magazines

Expansion Module

  • Each module consists of 76 magazines
  • 273.6 TB per module with a total system capacity of 6 modules which equals 1,641.6 TB (1.6 PB)

Base Module / Expansion Module with drive bay

  • Each module is equipped with 3 optical drivers to read/write data. A pair of modules can read/write to a total 6 optical discs on both sides simultaneously. The transfer speed in 2 pairs of drive bays reaches 720 MB/s. The optical transfer speed range extends from 360 MB/s to 1080 MB/s.

Bottom Module

  • Magazine carrier elevates and transfers each magazine with 12 discs to the drive bay

12 Disc Drive System

  • Reads / records 12 discs simultaneously
  • Transfer speeds up to 1GB/s
  • Supports RAID 0, 5, 6

Full-scale freeze-ray rack

  • Current Blu-Ray Density: 638.4 TB
  • Archival Disc Density: 1.9 PB
  • Future Density: 63.2 PB
  • Scales from 1 to 7 modules in a single rack
  • Open platform for maximum interoperability
  • Manage one module or multiple racks as a single logical volume


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