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Energy Storage Solutions

Why store energy?

As organizations begin to implement large-scale renewable energy projects into their facilities and the grid, questions concerning power storage have surfaced. Unless used almost immediately, most electricity disappears shortly after it's generated, forcing grid operators to engage in a constant balancing act of supply and demand. And when the scales tip toward scarcity, electricity prices spike – a misfortune that occurs most often on hot days when air conditioners are running nonstop, or when a storm damages utility infrastructure.

Solving the storage problem

Fortunately, better batteries and other smart energy technologies have stepped up to the plate, offering a solution to the power storage predicament. Few companies offer much experience in designing and deploying energy storage systems to meet the growing commitment to renewable energy and reduction of carbon emissions. Panasonic is at the forefront of these breakthroughs, developing comprehensive solutions utilizing our leading lithium–ion battery technology.

Why partner with Panasonic

Whether for use in solar installations or EV charging stations, our smart energy storage solutions are customized to meet your requirements. Some of the many useful benefits of implementing a Panasonic system are:

    Energy storage systems act as a stabilizer for fluctuating electric power.

   Comprised of storage batteries and control units to manage charging and discharging, storage systems are
   suitable for a variety of applications.

  A reliable resource
   When an outage occurs, power from the storage system can be used as a backup energy source.

  A clean companion
   By simply storing and recycling electricity, energy storage systems have no direct emissions.

   Energy storage systems help customers avoid premium pricing during peak demand.

  A forward facing solution
   Storage shifts consumption forward for optimal energy management.

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