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Today, solar is the top renewable energy choice among eco-savvy professionals. But navigating the complexities of a solar project is full of challenges. Some expected, some unexpected. That’s where we can help. As a trustworthy partner, we’ve removed all the barriers that once impeded solar projects, taken care of every stage in the solar process - development, engineering, implementation, financing and long term service and maintenance.

An innovative solar solution

While sunlight is plentiful, funding for solar projects is not. In partnership with the alternative energy experts at Coronal Group, Panasonic brings the whole solar project under one roof with a streamlined end-to-end solution in the commercial, industrial, municipal and small utility markets. The Panasonic/Coronal model delivers a simple, comprehensive solution ensuring attractive and reliable benefits now and for decades to come. We’ve implemented complete solar solutions for universities, municipalities, retail developers, sports venues, and leading corporations. We can do the same for you.

Our integrated platform offers an efficient and reliable solution to companies, communities and institutions looking to lower their energy costs, while also reducing their carbon footprint. We customize each installation to meet your business, financial, and technology profile, for maximum performance. And because we’re technology agnostic, you gain access to a wide range of PV brands. Together, we’re bringing solar projects to light.

How clean energy helps you stay ahead

  • Secure immediate energy savings and hedge against future increases in utility rates
  • Bolster commitment to social responsibility and sustainability
  • Facilitate long term growth and development with stable renewable energy

The perks of partnering with Panasonic/Coronal

  • Historically, each development phase suffered from misaligned interests which increased costs and hindered project success
  • Panasonic/Coronal provides a streamlined end-to-end solution that provides project development, engineering, financing, construction and long term service and maintenance backed by Panasonic

Panasonic/Coronal - Your no risk solar source

Turnkey Services

  • A turnkey offering from Panasonic/Coronal simplifies solar & mitigates project delivery risk
  • Panasonic EPC services: engineering through commissioning
  • Strict equipment standards established by Panasonic engineers

Institutional Financing Platform

  • Sponsored by Panasonic and industry leading investors throughout the capital structure
  • Makes available a variety of financing options and eliminates upfront capital outlays

Committed to Your Solar Project

  • Panasonic invests in your project and is incentivized to operate it efficiently
  • Performance guarantees are backed by the financial strength of Panasonic

Energy Price Protection and Green Value

  • Your solar electricity rates will deliver cost efficient, green power for years to come

Partnering with a Sustainability Leader

  • Partner with a globally recognized innovation leader with a proven sustainability program

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