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Powering green schools and graduates

Every school, K12 through college, should have access to clean, renewable energy. Even if your budget is maxed out or depleted. That’s why we’ve simplified it all with an integrated end-to-end solar and facility modernization solution for educational institutions. We’ve removed all the barriers that once impeded solar projects or halted your plans before they got off the ground. From concept to design, financing to installation, and ongoing support and maintenance, we’ve taken care of every step for you.

High energy costs are barriers to better academic resources for our kids

Ever wonder why most schools are financially strapped? Here are some alarming facts about energy costs in our school systems:

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, schools in America spend more than $6 billion on energy annually. Only teachers’ compensation is a larger expense. Shockingly, it’s not uncommon for school districts to pay more in energy costs than on textbooks! That’s why Panasonic is committed to correcting this injustice, and helping schools allocate more money back where it belongs: education.

A practical sustainable energy system for schools is long overdue

The DOE estimates that $1.5 billion can be saved annually through smarter energy management. But, the traditional solar model is fragmented, inefficient, and cost prohibitive for most school districts, requiring the involvement of a new third-party vendor at each phase of the process. This leads to a breakdown in communication and accountability. In turn, projects become delayed, disjointed, and over budget, resulting in cost increases, missed deadlines, and frustration.

Furthermore, schools today have multiple competing needs to address aging facilities, building operations, safety, security, modernization and providing better technology for teachers and students. At Panasonic, we understand the need for a self-sustaining program that directs solar energy savings back into the classroom environment through school-specific solutions that incorporate technology without any additional cost over the guaranteed life of the solar energy system.

Finally, a complete turn-key solar energy solution with zero upfront costs

At Panasonic Eco Solutions, we’re students of solar energy so you don’t have to be. In partnership with the alternative energy experts at Coronal Group, Panasonic brings the whole solar project under one secure umbrella with a streamlined end-to-end solution. We’ve implemented complete solar solutions for universities, municipalities, and leading corporations. We can do the same for you.

Panasonic is pleased to invite the first 100 schools, from K12 through post-secondary, the opportunity to take advantage of this innovative smart energy program on our path towards enabling thousands of schools to go solar by the end of the decade. Collaborating in a multi-phase private/public partnership, we’ll work together to apply your solar energy cost savings to curriculum development and classroom modernization - all while leaving your valued budget untouched.

A 21st Century model for energy, education and the environment

The all-in-one Panasonic-Coronal model is designed to transform how we bring energy, education, and the environment together for the advancement of our education system. The first of its kind, we believe this ‘total solution’ approach will lead the next generation of smart energy-education movements. Each phase supports and advances the next, as follows:

Phase 1 – Energize through a solar energy solution, delivered and guaranteed by Panasonic

Phase 2 – Engage in a collaborative process to direct energy savings to important educational needs

Phase 3 – Empower students, teachers, and administrators to modernize the classroom environment

Our bold goal is to help hundreds of schools go solar by the end of the decade, while empowering millions of minds in a sustainable way for the future.

Panasonic simplifies the process and eliminates project delivery risk by providing:

  • Project development and management
  • Engineering
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Long-term operation, maintenance, and service
  • Warranties, production guarantees, security, and quality assurance
  • All-inclusive audio/visual, security and teaching technology solutions

A variety of budget-friendly financing options

  • No upfront capital required - focus your budgets on students and teaching
  • Enjoy predictable energy costs for the next 20 years
  • Secure immediate energy savings
  • Hedge against future energy price increases

Our expert resources, not yours

  • Spend your budget on education, not capital improvements and building engineers
  • Panasonic invests in your project, we’re incentivized to operate it efficiently
  • Leverage a single, trusted Fortune 100 partner to minimize headaches
  • Eliminate the need to own your system
  • Performance guarantees are backed by Panasonic’s financial strength
  • Access a self-sustaining program focused on school modernization powered by solar energy

Let Panasonic help you achieve solar success. Want to learn more? Visit end-to-end solar solution and read about our Education solution or to get started, contact us today at

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