We help today's educators engage and inspire their students, while helping keep them safe and secure in the classroom and on the school grounds.

Capture and hold your students' attention like never before. Our A+ Classroom Audio system reduces voice fatigue for teachers, while making it easier for students to hear and comprehend the lesson. It even features an ingenious 'panic button' security feature. Our interactive whiteboards are far more dynamic than the traditional blackboard and can be used with our network document camera to easily share images from textbooks, reports and presentations.



  • New interactive education systems have proven results across continental, social and cultural divides. And the reason is simple: Technology is the language of today's youth.
  • Our interactive whiteboards feature easy-to-use software that makes them perfect for highlighting key points of a lesson.
  • With our A+ Series of Classroom Audio, students can hear better and teachers experience less voice fatigue. The result is reduced distraction and, as research has proven, improved test scores.
  • Our wireless mic also features a panic button security device, which allows teachers to discreetly alert the main office of a classroom situation that needs immediate attention.

Administrative Office

  • Our network document camera with advanced imaging technology provides exceptional images in virtually any lighting condition and can be integrated with our interactive whiteboards and doubles as a security camera with pan-tilt-zoom functionality.
  • Advanced, yet simple-to-use, Panasonic Business Telephone Systems meet all the communications needs of your school or campus.
  • Easy-to-use, reliable and affordable printers, scanners and fax machines let you quickly manage your administrative office operations.
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