Bookshelf Central



Located in Kingsport, TN, Bookshelf Central is a family-run Internet retailer of books primarily used by homeschoolers. It was founded in 2009 by Dana Caywood, who homeschooled three active boys for 17 years, teaching all of them from kindergarten through high school graduation. As a teacher and parent looking to support other teacher-parents, she appreciated the busy lives they led and understood the impact it would have on the family if they could get their homeschooled child’s educational resources in a reliable, timely and cost-effective way. To do that, she would need flexible customer service reps who could meet a variety of customer needs simultaneously.


For Bookshelf Central to be completely attentive to their customers' needs in the most efficient way possible, they needed a phone system that provided total freedom and flexibility. Since 95% of their sales are online, most of their customer calls involved questions related to shipping. Bookshelf Central wanted a solution that Manager David Caywood said, "would allow customer service reps to walk back and forth to the adjacent warehouse with the customer on the phone, while checking on inventory and shipments, and without having to transfer or call back the customer."


The Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System combined with Vocalocity service was exactly what Bookshelf Central needed. Its versatile features—automated attendant, multiple extensions, and the ability to link all employees as if they were in the same building—gave Bookshelf Central the communications tool they needed to keep the business moving.


Bookshelf central got the new telephone platform they needed, helping improve reps’ ability to check warehouse inventory during calls and ultimately improve overall attentiveness towards potential customers.

Caywood explains, "The Panasonic SIP/Vocalocity solution is perfect for small businesses like ours. We loved the cost savings Panasonic's cordless handsets gave us. They're relatively inexpensive compared to base units but still have full-feature functionality. So it's an easy way to expand.

We're also getting better reception than before. Plus we can move the base unit to anywhere where there's an Ethernet cable and simply plug it in. With the cordless, we can now walk throughout the warehouse and still assist customers on the phone. Or we can page a handset in the warehouse with just one touch."