Mobile Experience


The typical sports fan of today is also an on-the-go media consumer. He or she has easy access game information from sports web sites, social networking, live streaming services – all from multiple devices – as well as the HDTV in their living room. That same fan is also not content to just watch "the game" at a sports venue. Whether at home or at a game, sports fans and the technology they use are becoming more sophisticated and require a live experience that mirrors their evolving lifestyle.

Sports venues can no longer ignore this trend and must satisfy the increasingly demanding fan who expects the in-venue experience to effortlessly integrate with their way of life and electronically rival the at-home capability. If fans can't use Facebook or ESPN mobile because available WiFi and other bandwidth is being used by the 20-30% of other fans on their mobile apps, as is typical for today's events, or there is no strong connection in the bowl of the facility (where the most expensive seats are), they don't see it as their problem. They are also ready to make their teams and sponsors part of their mobile lives, to get player and game information, order food, remain engaged during timeouts, and buy tickets for an upcoming game.

To take advantage of emerging mobile business opportunities and deliver what fans are demanding, sports venues are upgrading and adding state-of-the-art technologies for the seamless and reliable WiFi connectivity required to meet the needs of the expanding mobile experience. Along the way, they are also taking advantage of wireless capabilities to roll out "back of house" applications that make venue operations more efficient.

A sports facility providing a wireless fan experience needs to put the right design, architecture, technology, and content in place, and then expand it based on a strategy focused on fans, sponsors, and financial goals. Panasonic, as an integrator of leading partner technologies and services, meets venue's technological and mobile unified integrated access to information and services, whether with a mobile phone, on the large display, in the suite or on the concourse. As fans become more engaged with an event, they become further vested in the experience. As venues become more interactive with the fans, they create higher loyalty and increase revenue through increased attendance, advertising and concession sales.