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Panasonic large-scale LED solution lets the Eagles treat their fans to the highest resolution video boards of any pro football stadium.

When the Philadelphia Eagles tell their fans they will never watch a game at Lincoln Financial Field the same way again, they mean it. Eleven-year old Lincoln Financial Field underwent a two-year renovation begun in 2013 after asking season ticket members what would improve their game day experience.


The Philadelphia Eagles continued a revitalization project at their home stadium based on season ticket holder input. The upgrades to Lincoln Financial Field were brought to life to enhance the live game day experience for all fans. The Eagles wanted to bring the end zone LED boards as close to the action as NFL rules would allow. For these displays they chose the 10mm high definition boards for both the north and south end zones. These are currently the highest resolution boards in any pro football stadium. The project also called for new LED ribbon boards, seating bowl expansion, club and suite level enhancements – all featuring Panasonic LED video solutions. Plus, the Eagles wanted a control system that allowed them to sync and integrate all their content on one platform. In addition to the outdoor video solutions, Panasonic technology is installed in the new Panasonic Club and throughout the facility.


  • Design and install massive north and south end zone LED boards – 10mm SMD
  • Design and install LED ribbon boards
  • Install a control system that syncs content throughout the stadium (end zones, ribbons, club, suites and concourses)


Boasting 1,500 LED displays stadium-wide, the end result is 24,000 square feet of pure high-definition viewing that gives fans an immersive game day experience from any seat in the house.

The $125 million revitalization project included the addition of 1,626 corner end zone seats, new walkways that improved pedestrian access throughout the stadium, and renovated club levels.

We have invested in the building every year since it opened, because it is our home. It’s Philadelphia's home. It’s our fans' home, said Eagles President Don Smolenski. But this season, one of the most dramatic improvements comes from the gigantic new LED video displays that dominate the almost 70,000 seat stadium.

Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company designed and installed a complete large-scale LED video solution for the stadium, including massive video boards in each end zone, HD ribbon boards along the sides, and more than 1,500 video displays throughout the facility.

The end result is 24,000 square feet of pure high-definition viewing that gives fans an immersive game day experience from every seat. LED ribbon video boards encircle the upper and lower deck fascia, surrounding fans with bright colored messages that radiate from the large end zone boards shouting TOUCHDOWN. Using 10mm surface mount device (SMD) LED technology, the Panasonic big board solution lets the Eagles treat their fans to the highest resolution video boards of any stadium in pro football.

By partnering with Panasonic and upgrading our digital signage with the latest technology, we can now bring the living room viewing experience directly into the stadium for our fans, said Smolenski.

The cornerstones of this spectator’s spectacle are the huge LED video boards that span each end zone with more than 9,400 square feet of high-def viewer bliss. With a viewable area of 5,184 square feet, it’s about twice the size of the average American home and measures 27-feet tall by 192-feet long. The south end zone display stretches 27-feet-tall by 160-feet-long with a display area of 4,320 square feet.

More eye-grabbing video boards can be found in the Bud Light Eagles Nest, including two mega displays measuring 45’ tall x 18’ wide and 810 square feet, and 15’ tall x 30’ wide at 450 square feet. A 390 square feet circular ribbon display adds to the Nest’s experiential allure.

And the action starts before fans even enter the building. Four street level marquee displays – two at 546 square feet and two at 334 square feet – welcome attendees with the latest game day news as they approach the building. Another 335-foot giant screen greets fans inside the main entrance at HeadHouse Plaza.

The newly equipped video control room enables operators to provide up to as many as 22 different replay views, up from six last season. According to Smolenski, watching replays in the stadium “is going to be similar to what you experience at home.” Those poor refs. 

“Our fans deserve the ultimate experience every time they step into Lincoln Financial Field,” said Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie. “One of our top priorities during this revitalization project was to enhance that experience by providing them with the highest quality HD video boards and LED ribbon boards.”

Through it’s partnership with Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company, the Eagles achieved their goal, delivering the ultimate fan experience in time for the start of the 2014 season.

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