A/V Financial Services



In addition to industry-leading financing solutions for solar and energy solutions, Panasonic A/V Solutions has also partnered with industry-leading financial services companies to offer financing for any A/V solution we sell.

  • Standard financing for purchases of LED products and other A/V components and solutions.
  • Semi-customized financing or leasing packages for A/V project installations, with a focus on large college and professional sports venues.

The above Panasonic’s financing solutions are fairly standard components, but multiple packages are available and can easily be customized to meet the individual needs – seasonal, growth mode, municipality, true lease or purchase, etc. – of any customer.

In addition, Panasonic has entered into innovative, fully customized structured financing packages for Digital Out of Home (DOOH) media and advertising companies, involving sharing of risk, media revenues, and joint development. (These arrangements are reserved for specific partners. Please visit "Contact Us" for more information on DOOH media partnership solutions with Panasonic.)