Fender Premium Audio®


The Premium Audio System Designed By People Who Know A Little Something About Life On The Road.

Volkswagen of America, Inc. has joined forces with Fender Musical Instruments Corp. and Panasonic Automotive to bring the raw emotion of a live music performance to the driving experience.

Three iconic companies - one with a passion for driving, one with a passion for music and one with the technology to bring information and entertainment to your vehicle - are joining forces to bring the raw emotion of live music to the driving experience.

"By partnering with Volkswagen and Panasonic on the Fender Premium Audio System, we are creating a unique partnership with a truly innovative company allowing us to deliver a product that is as unique, expressive and dynamic as the customers who use it," said Mark Van Vleet, Senior Vice President, Business Affairs for Fender.

The Fender Premium Audio System in Volkswagen was born of collaboration between two brands known for precision in engineering and passion for innovation. To develop the best possible audio system for Volkswagen, Fender formed a partnership with Panasonic that combined Fender's 64 years of expertise in sound and sound amplification with Panasonic's 68 years of experience with mobile audio systems.

Now Drivers Can Have Volkswagon’s Superior German Engineering Matched With The Highest Quality Sound

Video The Fender Premium Audio System is embedded in the vehicle design. Three years of research, development and tuning in a new, state-of-the-art sound lab, resulted in a nine-speaker system that delivers uncompromised clarity, regardless of volume, with a unique sound that Americans will love.

The system features proprietary Panasonic speaker technology. The system covers the cabin with directional sound from front door speakers that generate imaging beyond the capabilities of traditional speaker designs. It cuts through the noise and other distractions with front dual voice coil speakers, with extended range for all musical genres. The design features lower inter-modulation distortion and smooth mid-range response to eliminate harshness. It is harmonically complex, with extended range tweeters and properly voiced 16cm speakers revealing original instrumentation timbre and harmonic richness.

Now drivers can have Volkswagen's superior German engineering matched with the highest quality sound.