ELS Studio® Premium Audio


ELS Studio® Premium Audio. From The Studio, To Your Vehicle.

Drawing upon a rich tradition of leadership in audio technology, Panasonic has collaborated with multiple Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Elliot Scheiner and luxury vehicle manufacturer Acura to bring studio quality sound to the vehicle.

The premium audio system, branded "ELS Studio® Premium Audio System," after Scheiner's industry recognized moniker "ELS," was introduced several years ago in the Acura TL, and due to its success is now available in all Acura models, the ILX, TLX, RDX, MDX & RLX. The "ELS Studio" designation serves to distinguish this system as the ultimate automotive listening experience and signals a unique collaboration between Acura, Panasonic, and Elliot Scheiner, a man who has won Seven Grammy Awards, 24 Grammy® nominations and two Emmy® Award. Scheiner is widely recognized as a leader in surround sound recording/mixing and has worked with a veritable "Who's Who" in the music industry, including The Eagles, Steely Dan, REM, Faith Hill, Queen, Sting, Van Morrison, and Foo Fighters.

Drawing upon a rich tradition of leadership in audio technology,  Panasonic has collaborated with multiple Grammy® Award-winning producer/engineer Elliot Scheiner to create the ELS Studio® audio system.

ELS Studio® is derived from Scheiner’s industry-recognized moniker “Els”, which is fitting since Elliot’s extensive studio experience went into creating what some consider the ultimate listening experience. Discussing the system, Scheiner said, “With ELS Studio® we can finally capture and reproduce music the way we hear it in the studio.”

To create ELS Studio®, Scheiner, together with Panasonic engineers, carefully tune the system to maximize the performance of each component, resulting in a remarkably accurate musical experience. 

This engineering partnership has created one-of-a-kind automotive innovations that bring out the unique sound characteristics present in recordings made in the studio. Specially designed speakers and amplifiers combined with proprietary features such as Acoustic Motion ControlTM create the ultimate listening experience for any music genre. 

Since its inception, ELS Studio® has earned the respect of leading musicians, producers, and engineers for the ability to capture and reproduce music as it sounds in the studio. 

The new Acura NSX takes studio quality sound to the next level

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