ULTRA 360° Cameras Built on New 4K ULTRA HD Engine


The first in a series of 4K video surveillance cameras coming from Panasonic, the new i-PRO ULTRA 360 cameras offer ultra high resolution, ultra sensitivity, ultra intelligence and ultra toughness. Built on Panasonic's new, ground-breaking 12 megapixel 4K ULTRA HD engine, the WV-SFN480 indoor and WV-SFV481 outdoor vandal resistant dome cameras produce a 9MP (3K x 3K) 360° Fisheye image to capture crisper edge-to-edge images that deliver virtually the same resolution and coverage area as four conventional 720p security cameras thereby increasing system efficiency.

Panasonic choose to first implemented 4K on the 360° platform because the high resolution images produced are particularly advantageous in the panoramic format, delivering substantially more picture detail across the broad field of view. In addition, the wide field of view an  ULTRA 360-degree camera captures allows it to replace multiple standard security cameras. And the ULTRA 360 cameras' new analytic functions optimize business processes by providing a deeper understanding of a customer's behavior. The new analytics are ideal for generating insight into floor behavior in retail environments and evaluating people movement in public spaces and stores.

Ultra high resolution

The cameras produce a 9MP 3K x 3K Fisheye image at 15fps and a 4MP Fisheye image at 30fps in H.264 for incredibly high resolution at standard frame rates, ensuring bright images under any lighting condition. In addition, the Ultra 4K HD engine allows multiple levels of zooming without resolution loss.

Ultra High Sensitivity

The cameras' new ½" 12MP image sensor and F1.9 large diameter lens provides sharp and natural color reproduction with strong low light performance, less than 0.3 lux in color and black-and-white. A new Auto Back Focus (ABF) structure designed specifically for the cameras' single focus lens ensures both models automatically achieve optimal focus in day or night environments while helping to streamline installation.

Ultra Intelligence: Heat Map Type Analytics

The cameras' newly-developed Heat Map type analytic capabilities can aggregate a history of a scene's movement and enable you to easily identify dwell time, indicating the hot spots, bottlenecks and less trafficked areas of a store. The High Traffic Zone mode permits you to visualize the quantity of people passing through your store. The Long Stay Zone mode allows you to visualize the time people dwell at certain areas in your store.

Ultra Intelligence: Bi-directional People Counting

The ULTRA 360 cameras include a 12-virtual-line, bi-directional "people counting" function to assist in quantifying activity in a scene. Users can set virtual lines anywhere in a scene and the camera will automatically count people at that location in the scene. Retailers can use this data to design the best layout for their stores as well as to help judge the effectiveness of their marketing.

Ultra Intelligence: Moving Object Removal

The cameras' MOR (Moving object removal) video analytics can mask moving objects while still maintaining a clear view of the background . This Intelligent Video Motion Detection software is ideal for locations where privacy is a concern.

Ultra Toughness

The cameras feature an anti-shock vandal resistant chassis that meets IP66 standards for dust and water resistance and compliant with IK10/50J and are EN 50155 compliant for on-vehicle applications (SFV481 only). The ULTRA 360 cameras are ready for installation in vehicles such as buses and trains.

Multi-stream Output with Flexible Display Modes

A host of modes provide wide choices for viewing the high-res images. The cameras provide in-camera dewarping and support two H.264 streams, in which a user can select over a dozen different modes, including Quad PTZ and Double Panorama.

Double Panorama Mode
When the camera is installed on the ceiling, the entire area under the camera is displayed as two 180° panoramic images in 1080p or more high-resolution

Quad PTZ Mode
Display four individual, pannable images in 1.3 megapixel or more resolution on one screen

Edge Recording

The cameras are equipped with an SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory card slot for manual recording (H.264 / JPEG), alarm recording (H.264 / JPEG) and backup upon network failure (JPEG).


9MP 360-degree camera, Fisheye : Interchange in Thailand
9MP 360-degree camera, Fisheye : Road in Thailand
9MP 360-degree camera, Panorama : Interchange in Thailand
9MP 360-degree camera, Quad PTZ : Interchange in Thailand
9MP 360-degree camera, Fisheye, on wall : Intersection in Thailand
9MP 360-degree camera, Fisheye : Intersection in Thailand
9MP 360-degree camera, Panorama : Road in Thailand
Cropping example of 9MP 360-degree camera (Road)
9 Megapixel 360-degree Network Camera




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