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The WJ-NV300 is a standalone network video recording solution designed to deliver an all-in-one, PC-less surveillance solution out of the box. The system delivers full camera viewing, control and recording capabilities through a built-in mouse-driven graphical user interface, now supporting dual screen HDMI outputs. Featuring a standard 16 channels of Full HD recording and field-expandable up to 32 channels, the NV300 supports a total recording bandwidth of up to 128 Mbps, twice the rate of its predecessor, the NV200. Support for optional WJ-HDE400 hard disk RAID capable expansion unit can also extend the system's local video storage up to 80TB.

Additionally, the NV300 features built-in video de-warping processing to leverage the full power of Panasonic's line of 360-degree video surveillance cameras and integrates seamlessly with Panasonic ASM200 and ASM970 video management clients, allowing integration into larger Panasonic systems

Supports up to 32 Cameras

The NV300 comes pre-installed with 16 camera licenses for full HD recording and it's field-expandable for up to 32 channels with the optional WJ-NVE30 Additional Camera Kit. Live images from the up to 32 cameras can be displayed simultaneously.

Ultra Easy Setup, Operation and Integration

Its plug-and-play operation enables users to set it up in a few minutes and operate all features from the main display without running a PC. It offers full camera viewing, control and recording capabilities through a built-in mouse-driven graphical user interface, and is equipped with dual screen HDMI outputs, which permit quick connect to a main and sub monitor. Its dual gigabit Ethernet interfaces support flexible network configurations and faster video transfers.

The NV300 offers quick intuitive search with calendar and timeline and camera control, including control of Pan/Tilt, Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Preset Position, and auto mode (depending on camera model). Its flexible playback controls include Go to Date (Jump to specific time/date) and Go to Last (Jump to 30 sec. before the record end). And it features an array of display modes ( Spot, Multiscreen (4 / 16 split screen display, 4 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 split screen display on a full screen) and Recording Modes , including Schedule, Event (Pre/Post)).

Expandable Storage Up to 80 Terabytes

The NV300 is equipped with two internal HDD Slots that have the capability to hold 6TB of data. By adding the optional WJ-HDE400 hard disk RAID capable expansion unit, the system's local video storage is expandable up to 80TB, which is large enough to store Full HD video at 30fps from 32 cameras for over three months. With the WJ-HDE400, the NV300 offers RAID 5 and 6 data protection to secure the stored images in case of HDD failure.

Free Android and Apple Apps for Remote Access

The NV300 can be remotely accessed via Panasonic's FREE Security Viewer 2.0 Android® and Apple® apps which support easy mobile camera monitoring and recorder management via Panasonic Toughpads tablets or compatible smartphones and tablets. Even with a slow network connection, Panasonic Re-encoding technology provides smooth viewing, even on low bandwidth networks.

Download application from partner stores.

Copying Content to USB/SD memory is Easy

With the WJ-NV300. you are able to copy recordings to a USB or SD memory card, making it easy to move the images to the PC, create a report, or e-mail to all concerned parties.

Wide Range of Alarm Sources

The NV300 supports a variety of alarm sources include 9x Terminal inputs and 32x Camera alarms. Flexible alarm actions include Alarm recording, E-mail notification, Alarm message, Camera positioning, Terminal output, Panasonic alarm protocol output, Buzzer and Indicator.

Supports Panasonic 360-degree IP cameras

The NV300 effectively reduces blind areas, storing the entire picture captured by the Panasonic 360-degree network cameras. It can de-warp both live and recorded image for playback on a monitor (without a PC).



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