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Here you can find latest version of software for Panasonic Video Surveillance products. Activation keys are required to activate the software and can be purchased from authorized Panasonic dealers.
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iPro Video Management System

This completely scalable video surveillance management client software provides a single unified control interface for Panasonic iPRO cameras, encoders and recorders. Whether managing a single location, or unifying a large, multi-site multi-recorder system, the ASM200W provides a central interface supporting live viewing, recorder control and system management, all with an easy to use graphical user interface. The WV-ASM200W offers a variety of software extension modules to enable system configurations supporting up to thousands of cameras and hundreds of recorders and encoders which means your surveillance investment can grow with your business.

This download includes the WV-ASM200W main application and all optional extension module software in a single package. Contact your Panasonic dealer to purchase activation keys to enable permanent use of main application and optional extension modules.

For more details, please visit the WV-ASM200W product page
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Download a Free 90 day Trial
All ASM-200W downloads include a free 90 day trial of the main application and all software extension modules except ASE203W. Activation keys for the ASM200W main application and extensions are required to enable permanent use beyond 90 days.
Installation Instructions

WV-ASM200W Extension Module

WV-ASE201W - Multi-monitor and System Controller Support
  • Expands ASM200 workstation GUI from a single monitor solution to up to three monitors
  • Enables support for WV-CU950 Ethernet System Controller
  • Adds map-based camera navigation and alarm notification
  • Contact Panasonic reseller to purchase activation key model: WV-ASE201W to activate this software

WV-ASM200W Extension Module

WV-ASE202W - 64 Channel live video display expansion
  • Enables live viewing of up to (64) cameras simultaneously on single live view monitor
  • Grants use of up to (6) workstation monitors in conjunction with WV-ASE201W
  • Contact Panasonic reseller to purchase activation key model: WV-ASE202W to activate this software

WV-ASM200W Extension Module

WV-ASE203W - Camera/Recorder/Encoder Capacity Expansion
  • 1280 direct connected cameras - up to 32,000 when utilizing ND400 Recorders
  • 320 Encoders (up to 1280 additional Cameras)
  • Increases capacity to 500 Recorders
  • Contact Panasonic reseller to purchase activation key model: WV-ASE203W to activate this software

WV-ASM200W Extension Module

WV-ASE204W - GXD400 Decoder Expansion
  • Enables connection for up to (10) WV-GXD400 Network Video Decoders
  • Contact Panasonic reseller to purchase activation key model: WV-ASE204W to activate this software

WV-ASM200W Extension Module

WV-ASE205W - Environmental Noise Compensation (Fog/Snow Reduction)
  • Provides spatial tonal correction
  • Snowfall and rainfall noise reduction
  • Multi-frame synthesis noise reduction
  • Fog compensation

WV-ASM200W Extension Module

360° Camera Fisheye Video Decoder - FREE ACTIVATION
This FREE extension package enables software de-warping of Fisheye video from Panasonic's series of 360° surveillance cameras directly from the ASM200 interface. De-warping works with both live and recorded video and supports flexible viewing options in both 4:3 and 16:9 display modes. Use the Activation Key and Registration ID below to active direct software 360° decoding functionality on the ASM200.

Activation Key: 0401-0065-000A-1234
Registration ID: 2397-55CC*

* Requires WV-ASM200 Ver.1.40 or later (option) is required.

For more details, please visit the 360 Series page


Server Management Software

The Panasonic WV-ASM970 is a system management client software designed specifically for the PMPU2000 system management server fulfilling the need to unify large scale multi-site surveillance networks on a single platform. The WV-ASM970 is designed to seamlessly aggregate and control both analog and IP based surveillance asset under a single user interface.

The ASM970 when coupled with the Panasonic PMPU2000 Server system provides direct control of up to 1023 i-Pro devices, 512 monitor screens and 64 recorders in IP-only or hybrid configurations and up to 1536 analog cameras, 320 analog monitors and 64 recorders in analog-only configurations.

For more details, please visit the WV-ASM970 product page
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Electronic activation key delivery not yet available for this model. Please contact your Panasonic Dealer to purchase a physical software package which includes required activation key.


Network Camera Recorder with Viewer Software

The BB-HNP17A is Panasonic's PC-based live recording, camera monitoring and recording software for Windows based platforms.

Panasonic's BB-HNP17A is a powerful platform for live camera monitoring and recording featuring full pan/tilt/zoom control from up to 64* network cameras supporting H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG-4 video formats all in and easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI). Additional features include Scheduled Pre-set Recording, Motion Detection Recording, Alarm Triggered Recording, as well as email alerts and remote access.

For more details, please visit the BB-HNP17A product page
Electronic activation key delivery not yet available for this model. Please contact your Panasonic Dealer to purchase a physical software package which includes required activation key.


Business Intelligence Kit for WJ-NV200 Recorder (MS Windows)

Business software application for MS Windows that aggregates and displays video-analytics information detected in WJ-NV200 Recorder. People-counting functions as well as subject age and gender detection are supported and can provide statistical presentation on screen or exported via .csv file for external processing and reporting.
Electronic activation key delivery not yet available for this model. Please contact your Panasonic Dealer to purchase a physical software package which includes required activation key.

WJ-NVE30W — Additional Camera Kit (8 channel)

Additional Camera Expansion for WJ-NV300 Recorder

Expand your WJ-NV300 up to 32 channels with optional camera addition kits. Up to 32 network cameras can be connected to and recorded by the NV300 with this software upgrade.*

Electronic activation key delivery is available for this model.

*Please note that (2) WJ-NVE30W license keys are required to expand the NV300 from the standard 16 channels to 32 channels.

WV-SAE100W Face Matching XML Data Option

Enables XML Metadata Transmission on selected i-PRO Cameras
The WV-SAE100W camera firmware upgrade module enables transmission of XML Metadata for faces detected with face-detection capable Panasonic i-PRO cameras. This option is required for cameras utilized with Panasonic's ASF900 FacePRO Analytics System and to enable face detection and matching when utilizing Panasonic WJ-NV200 recorders.

WV-SAE100W is compatible with:
1 Series (not including WV-SF138 and WV-SW158)
3 Series
4 Series
5 Series Models: WV-SW598, WV-SC588
6 Series
Installation Instructions


iVMD Intelligent Video Motion Detection Camera Upgrade
This application extends the built-in motion detection functions for select Panasonic iPRO Surveillance Cameras. Upgrade adds:
  • Alarm Triggering when moving objects enter a restricted area
  • Alarm Triggering when a loiterer enters an area and remains for a pre-determined time
  • Alert signaling when an object proceeds in a specified direction, such as a car proceeding in the wrong direction on a one-way street
  • Auto-notification of camera Field-of-View tampering such as when a camera's lens has been obfuscated or pointed in a new direction
WV-SAE200W is compatible with:
1 Series Models: WV-SF138, WV-SW158
5 Series excluding WV-SC588, WV-SW598, WV-NW502S
6 Series
Installation Instructions

Panasonic Security Viewer V2.1

Panasonic Security Viewer V2.0

Panasonic's FREE Security Viewer version 2.1 enables select Apple® and Android® based phones and tablets to remotely access and manage i-PRO SmartHD Series Network Cameras and Recorder models WJ-NV300, WJ-NV200, WJ-ND400, WJ-HD616 and WJ-HD716. By connecting remotely via 3G/4G or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), Security Viewer 2.1 allows full pan/tilt/zoom camera control, live camera viewing and recording control and playback functions.
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Additional Information

After downloading, contact your local Panasonic dealer to purchase software licenses.

For technical instructions on installation and activation of each downloadable software package, please visit the Software Activation page

For support with Panasonic security software or hardware, please visit Video Surveillance Support

Please note, software model numbers with a 'W' are not new or different software to those model numbers without an appended 'W'. The additional letter merely delineates a web-downloaded software package from a DVD-based software package.



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