Video Insight Features


The Video Insight Monitor Station, Web Client and Mobile App share powerful features that allow you to access live and recorded video no matter where you are. Learn More

NO LICENSE Required for Select Panasonic Cameras

Video Insight v6 supports over 3,000 camera models from more than 100 manufacturers. Learn More

Panasonic Video Insight Panasonic Video Insight
Panasonic Video Insight Panasonic Video Insight

Support for 3,000 Cameras From 100+ Manufacturers

Video Insight provides deep integration for over 3,000 camera models from over 100 manufacturers. So, even if you have non-Panasonic camaras as part of your existing workflow, Video Insight amazing features will work for you. Features include maximum resolution, digital input and output, PTZ control, two-way audio, motion detection and other specialized features. New camera models are continually added to provide the most up-to-date options for our customers.

IP Server

The Server is the hub of the Video Insight IP software product. Video Insight runs on all Windows Operating Systems as a service with the Server App configured as a standalone server supporting up to 250 cameras or as part of a group of servers supporting an unlimited number of cameras. Learn More

Wide Access Control Integration

Video Insight supports single and bi-directional integration of access control alarms from the leading vendors.

Feature-rich Solution

The Video Insight surveillance software includes a robust set of VMS enterprise accessories at no additional cost.

Support for Over 130 Encoders

Video Insight provides integration to over 131 encoders so that our customers can affordably convert analog-to-IP and maximize the use of existing resources by turning their analog video system into a network video system.

Panasonic Video Insight Panasonic Video Insight