Building Automation Systems


The simple path to sophisticated building intelligence.

Upgrading to smart building technology is fast and easy with Panasonic hardware and cloud-based software from our partner Locbit. Because everything — sensors, switches, wall adapters and data hubs — runs on Panasonic DECT wireless, installation is as simple as swapping out light switches.

The Locbit platform is the brain of the system. It monitors and analyzes each sensor, control switches and automates process so you can optimize building-wide performance.

  • Save energy — Monitor and control every light and appliance in your facility, automatically, and reduce energy consumption up to 30%
  • Reduce, even prevent, damages — Automatically manage risk by detecting water leaks, open windows and door and other silent threats as they occur so you can respond rapidly and contain the damage.
  • Automate business processes — monitor and control virtually any device or equipment that plugs into the wall. Gain insight into usage and energy consumption and increase efficiency throughout your operation.”

Building Automation System Hub | KX-HNB100

Joins all system devices together. Notifies sensors readings to server and receives commands from server to control devices.

Water Leak Sensor | KX-HNZ101

Uses a small probe to detect water and receive command from server to control each device.

Smart Plug | KX-HNZ102

ON/OFF function ON/OFF button/Status LED (ON: Green, OFF: -) Overcurrent Guard Power consumption log.

Smart On / Off Switch | KX-HNZ103

ON/OFF function ON/OFF button/Status LED (ON: -, OFF: Amber) Built-in Motion Sensor.

Window / Door Sensor | KX-HNZ105

Detects when the corresponding window or door is opened. Magnet type window/door sensor.

DECT Repeater | KX-HNZ108

Extends approximately double the effective transmission distance depending on the environment. Number of connection for 1 Hub: 6. Cascade connection: up to 3 steps. LED indication: Green/Red/Amber

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