Panasonic Solutions for Business

Big innovations come in small
packages with this intuitive SIP phone.

Advanced SIP phones are enabling more businesses of all sizes to communicate and collaborate in ways that enhance productivity and deliver results. Designed for smooth, “in-person” voice-quality conversations, the KX-UTG200 is a HD voice, full duplex speaker phone delivering the right features, functionality and value to meet the needs and budgets of practically any business.

Also, the ability to quickly and easily add handsets and phone numbers as your business expands and evolves enables you to handle growth efficiently and economically. Easy to deploy and integrate, the KX-UTG200 provides long-term value and investment protection.

Panasonic audio transmission technologies were researched and developed to provide the clear, high-quality voice reproduction across the network without distortion or echoing. For worry-free operation, feature-rich interfaces and high performance, count on Panasonic for SIP phones that let you get more done, faster and easier, with a compelling ROI. You’ll also benefit from our long-standing collaborative relationships with our service providers — delivering seamless interoperability across the network.

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