Large LED Video


Panasonic provides best of breed solutions in the Sports & Entertainment markets along with other indoor and outdoor applications. Our company prides itself on its ability to provide innovative high-quality products and in addition to our world class portfolio, Panasonic has formed strategic relationships with the following highly-esteemed third-party manufacturers to make sure that customers receive LED boards that are of the highest quality.

  • Lighthouse
  • OES
  • Click Effects
  • …and a host of other vendors to provide our solutions.

Panasonic has very high standards and performance metrics for all aspects of the LED board and offers the following product categories for a client’s solutions.

  • Outdoor
    • Impact Series (Outdoor SMD)
    • ER Series (Outdoor 4-Lamp)
    • Revolution Series (Outdoor Billboard)
    • Standard Series (Outdoor 3-Lamp)
    • Sideline Series (Perimeter Displays)
    • Fascia Series (Fascia Displays)
  • Indoor
    • Standard (SMD in black face and black body)
    • Fascia (Fascia Displays)
  • Strip
    • Strip Series (LED Strip)