Telecom Field Mobility


For people who frequently work away from a desk, standard laptops won't suffice. A communication company's field technicians, supervisors, engineers and travelers have different needs for durability, portability, operating time, outdoor viewability and security. A comprehensive line of Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers and partner solutions provide productivity tools for many front-line and professional jobs in the communications industry.


To keep the network performing smoothly, field engineers demand a lot from their mobile computers. They need all the portability and durability features that network technicians require. In addition, they need superior graphics and computing power for robust engineering applications, such as geographic information systems that analyze and manage large amounts of location-based data.

Toughbook mobile computers combine power and durability, giving field engineers everything they need to fully perform their jobs anywhere in the service area. Toughbook computers can easily handle schematics, diagrams and other media-intensive applications. With integrated mobile broadband and GPS, engineers-on-the-go can even work on GIS and 3D mapping systems at any remote location. Toughbook computers feature magnesium casing, shock-mounted hard-drives, and spill resistant keyboards, so engineers greatly reduce the risks of losing data due to accidental drops, spills or exposure to harsh conditions.

Toughbook mobile computers, along with industry-specific applications from Panasonic partners, deliver complete computing solutions for the field engineer. With a unique combination of powerful features and rugged construction, Toughbook computers are ideally suited for demanding engineers who require access to applications while on the go.


Traveling executives may be smooth in their presentations, but they can be rough on their computers. These "road warriors" need laptops compact enough to carry anywhere—and tough enough to endure inevitable drops, bumps and spills inherent in travel. That's why business-rugged Toughbook mobile computers are so popular with mobile workers in all industries—especially in the communications industry, where exceptional wireless capabilities are also expected.

To withstand the rigors of travel, Toughbook rugged laptops are built with magnesium alloy cases, shock-mounted hard drives and spill resistant keyboards. Light-weight, business-rugged Toughbook computers are mobile broadband-ready and also include integrated Bluetooth® and WiFi capabilities, enabling users to stay connected with their customers and colleagues wherever they go. Toughbook users can select Windows XP or Windows Vista™ to run almost any software application. With their compact size and long battery life, business-rugged Toughbook laptops make long flights and airport delays much more productive.

These features, specifically designed for mobile professionals, help them stay focused on business without worrying about connectivity problems or downtime for repairs. As a result, Toughbook users can be as productive on the road as they are in the office.


In the communications industry, field sales and customer service professionals are often the “face of the company” when it comes to customer relationship management. Customers depend on these field pros, and the pros have to depend on their mobile computers. Some want the same rugged durability that field technicians require. Others prefer features that enhance their effectiveness in sales presentations, provide greater connectivity or make traveling easier. Panasonic offers a full line of Toughbook mobile computers to match the preferences and job requirements of any field sales and customer service professional.

Sales representatives appreciate Toughbook laptops with touch screens and swivel screens because it enables more effective one-on-one presentations. Customer service representatives utilize Toughbook mobile computers with the integrated camera to photograph problems. The images are then sent in real time using the integrated mobile broadband to their supervisors.

Toughbook mobile computers also include plenty of features that benefit both sales and customer service representatives alike. Toughbook computers with built-in handles reduce the burden of travel by eliminating the need for bulky carrying cases. Integrated WiFi and the latest mobile broadband technology ensures they remain in contact with colleagues and customers, wherever they are. And Panasonic partners offer Toughbook users a wealth of software tools designed specifically for field service applications. All Toughbook computers are built to protect the mobile user from accidental loss of data or damages to the computer itself. Protective features include shock-mounted hard drives, magnesium alloy casing, and spill resistant keyboards and touchpads. These rugged features, along with superior battery life, ensure maximum uptime for increased productivity and lower cost of ownership.


Keeping track of a mobile workforce is demanding on field supervisors and their equipment. To meet the network's daily service requirements, field supervisors have to juggle unforeseen events with the assignments, locations and schedules of their technicians.

Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers give supervisors all the features they need to manage the ever-changing schedules of their crews. The integrated wireless capabilities of Toughbook computers enable supervisors to stay connected with the workforce from any location. To help supervisors keep track of where employees are working, many communications companies provide Toughbook rugged computers with built-in GPS capabilities to their field teams. With application-specific software from Panasonic partners on their Toughbook computers, supervisors can link vehicle and employee locations to workflow scheduling and routing systems.

On a daily basis, supervisors go to various locations and work side by side with their employees. That's why supervisors, too, need rugged Toughbook mobile computers that can withstand the hard knocks and adverse conditions of a technician's daily routine. Every Toughbook computer is designed for durability, from the shock-mounted hard drive to the all-magnesium casing. And like field technicians, supervisors need another key feature of Toughbook computers--the battery power to keep going until the last job is done.