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When a mobile computer is lost or stolen, the potential losses cascade far beyond the value of the computer. Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers incorporate powerful solutions to protect computers and data from falling into the wrong hands.


Mobile computers used by field personnel are especially vulnerable to theft. The data in lost or stolen laptops may be difficult or impossible to replace, but even worse, data in the wrong hands could have huge legal or financial consequences.

Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers offer a variety of options and built-in features to provide protection for company laptops and data. For Toughbook users, security in the field takes two forms: Anti-theft measures for computers, and protection or destruction of data in case a computer is lost or stolen.

Anti-theft measures available for Toughbook users include secure computer mounting systems in vehicles, a cable lock slot, and partner services that track and recover missing computers. Even if a lost or stolen laptop can't be recovered, the unauthorized user can be prevented from accessing the data it contains. Encryption technology, a fingerprint scanner, data protection services and remote data destruction features provide maximum data protection.

Companies deploying Toughbook computers can select the level of theft prevention and data protection that works best for their field teams. Over the long term, the extra investment pays off not only in thefts prevented and computers recovered, but also by avoiding unpredictable losses from staff downtime and compromised data.