Keeping goods moving, while making customers happy, is no easy task. Point of sale systems are increasingly mobile and ever-changing. That's why retail pros, ranging from route drivers to merchandisers and store managers rely on rugged Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers. These durable, lightweight devices help them get their jobs done faster and with more precision.



Route sales personnel have schedules to keep with little time to spare. Outdated handhelds with limited functionality only slow the pace. Paper processes and delayed communications can quickly put the brake on their ability to effectively deliver and sell products along their scheduled routes.

To help these salespeople move to a more mobile, efficient workflow process, organizations are turning to Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers as a solution to address both the "route" and "sales" sides of retail. Barcode scanning, RFID support and integrated wireless connectivity allow route sales to scan items prior to restocking shelves or removing products from display. This information is instantly transmitted to inventory management systems for real time status on available stock.

GPS capabilities enable drivers to better plan their routes and find the most efficient ways to reach their customers with automated turn-by-turn directions. Better route planning means more on-time deliveries, happier customers and lower maintenance and fuel costs. Combining the power of a full Windows®operating system with drop- and spill resistant engineering, long battery life and shock-mounted hard disks, Toughbook computers provide drivers with a fully-rugged system that withstands the rigors of continuous trips between the truck and the store shelf.

Panasonic's comprehensive mobile solutions help manage route sales resources based on what matters most: on-time performance, productivity, miles driven and generated revenue.