Port, Rail, and Airport


From helping to maintain safety and checking-in passengers to tracking valuable assets and managing yard operations, Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers contribute to the smooth operation of port, rail and airport facilities worldwide.



In this age of complex, tightly-integrated supply chains and intermodal logistics, shippers and buyers must know the exact location and shipment status of their en-route cargo. Without this detailed visibility and tracking status, supply chains bog down and product availability and production commitments suffer. Port, airport and railyard operators that don't use the latest technology to manage and track cargo are at a significant competitive disadvantage in this new era.

Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers help transportation professionals manage all aspects of in-transit cargo, from loading and unloading to storage, bin and location management and yard management. Toughbook mobile computers are lightweight and portable enough to go anywhere. They help provide full visibility into cargo status via integrated barcode scanners, built-in RFID capabilities and comprehensive wireless communications capability. With high drop and shock ratings, magnesium alloy construction and resistance to liquids and extreme temperatures, Toughbook computers are right at home on the loading dock or in the cargo hold. In addition, advanced mobile features, such as long-lasting, hot-swappable batteries for continuous uptime and sunlight-viewable touch screen displays for quicker data entry and access.

Toughbook computers enhance the productivity of cargo handlers and managers and are an invaluable tool to keep cargo moving with optimum efficiency.



With ever-more demanding passengers, tighter turnaround schedules and increased regulatory oversight, passenger check-in and processing is a rapidly changing area. Gone are the days of basic lines and queues. Check-in and on-boarding of passengers, luggage and cargo is increasingly mobile. It must go smoothly, quickly and accurately. Mistakes can cause delays, customer dissatisfaction and even government intervention.

To meet pressing needs for increased check-in speed and accuracy, cruise ships, airlines, passenger trains and other carriers are turning to rugged and lightweight Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers. With features like optional barcode and fingerprint readers and robust wireless communications capabilities, Toughbook mobile computers keep passengers moving—and content. Lightweight, rugged designs don't sacrifice functionality, however. Toughbook mobile computers run the full Windows operating system for easy integration into existing systems.

All these features, along with extra-long battery life, add productivity to the demanding jobs of mobile check-in personnel. touch screens make information input and access is easier, faster and less error-prone than with other check-in terminals. And with rugged aluminum alloy cases and shock mounted hard drives, Panasonic Toughbook computers keep working if dropped by workers or jostled by passengers.

With Toughbook mobile computers, the check-in staff is more productive. Workers have the tools they need to match luggage to passengers, match passengers to manifests, and match management's goals for on-time performance.



For port, rail and airport terminal operators, maintenance of mission critical assets is a high priority. Aside from the obvious safety issues, poorly maintained equipment breaks down more frequently—impacting schedules, customer satisfaction and ultimately the bottom line. To keep passengers and cargo moving, maintenance must be done efficiently, but it also must be done right.

Panasonic Toughbook computers are widely used to help maintain vehicles, planes and trains. Toughbook mobile computers go where technicians go: under vehicles, in cockpits, cargo holds and engine rooms. Instead of pouring through cumbersome manuals or wasting time walking to centralized computer workstations, technicians use lightweight Toughbook mobile computers to carry drawings, specifications, parts lists and more at their side. In addition to saving time and making the entire maintenance function more efficient, easy-to-read sunlight- viewable displays reduce errors. They also save time because technicians can find information faster and implement fixes more quickly. Service reports and other status information can be sent wirelessly to a central database without reentering data, saving more time and eliminating the potential for errors.

Toughbook mobile computers are built to withstand the rough handling, occasional drops, inclement weather and exposure to liquids and dirt inherent in the maintenance function. Long-lasting batteries and hot-swappable battery packs keep technicians working. The rugged design provides operators with years of trouble-free performance and low total cost of ownership.

Keeping passengers and cargo moving requires reliable and productivity-enhancing maintenance equipment. Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers are the first choice of transportation maintenance professionals around the globe.