Logistics Port, Rail, and Airport


From helping to maintain safety and checking-in passengers to tracking valuable assets and managing yard operations, Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers contribute to the smooth operation of port, rail and airport facilities worldwide.


In this age of complex, tightly-integrated supply chains and intermodal logistics, shippers and buyers must know the exact location and shipment status of their en-route cargo. Without this detailed visibility and tracking status, supply chains bog down and product availability and production commitments suffer. Port, airport and railyard operators that don't use the latest technology to manage and track cargo are at a significant competitive disadvantage in this new era.

Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers help transportation professionals manage all aspects of in-transit cargo, from loading and unloading to storage, bin and location management and yard management. Toughbook mobile computers are lightweight and portable enough to go anywhere. They help provide full visibility into cargo status via integrated barcode scanners, built-in RFID capabilities and comprehensive wireless communications capability. With high drop and shock ratings, magnesium alloy construction and resistance to liquids and extreme temperatures, Toughbook computers are right at home on the loading dock or in the cargo hold. In addition, advanced mobile features, such as long-lasting, hot-swappable batteries for continuous uptime and sunlight-viewable touch screen displays for quicker data entry and access.

Toughbook computers enhance the productivity of cargo handlers and managers and are an invaluable tool to keep cargo moving with optimum efficiency.


With budgets tight and capital expenditures low, transportation companies must get the most out of existing equipment and facilities. One of the best ways to ensure greater uptime is a program of pro-active inspections to monitor assets and make sure they are operating as required. Without an aggressive inspection program, and the technology to support it, higher costs and bigger problems may be waiting down the road.

Panasonic Toughbook computers play a vital role in keeping supply chains running smoothly by assisting managers and field service personnel with inspections. Portability, durability and connectivity make Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers the eyes nd ears of inspectors worldwide, helping them keep everything from heavy equipment to vehicles, rail lines, road beds and fire prevention systems operating at peak performance. A complete Microsoft Windows® operating system helps Toughbook devices integrate with centralized maintenance applications and work with an endless variety of reports, work orders and other forms. Full wireless connectivity makes it easy to transmit and receive information. Easy-to-read, sunlight-viewable displays and touch screens, as well as spill resistant keyboards, make an inspector's interaction with a Toughbook device simple, intuitive and less prone to errors.

A built-in camera helps inspectors to document damages or problem areas and to annotate reports with images that can be easily transmitted from the Toughbookmobile computers. The integrated GPS capability makes it easier for inspectors to find, locate or map equipment. Shock-mounted hard drives, long-lasting batteries and drop-tested construction make Toughbook computers as rugged as they are functional.

Ergonomically engineered, Toughbook computers are lightweight and durable, providing inspectors with an able assistant to keep equipment up and running and to curtail problems before they occur.