DirectStore Delivery Retail


Keeping goods moving, while making customers happy, is no easy task. Point of sale systems are increasingly mobile and ever-changing. That's why retail pros, ranging from route drivers to merchandisers and store managers rely on rugged Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers. These durable, lightweight devices help them get their jobs done faster and with more precision.


Like many businesses, retailers are forced to work with a leaner staff. That means more responsibility falls on vendor route and direct story delivery personnel to stock and display products on store shelves. These mobile workers can't rely on paper-based or home-office entry of inventory and customer data; these older methods lower driver productivity and negatively impact more profitable activities such as in-store merchandising.

Successful vendors are streamlining deliveries and driving more sales by equipping their drivers with Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers. A full Windows® operating system works in tandem with integrated wireless features to give drivers the ability to access, enter and transmit data, whether in the truck or on the store floor. This means delivery personnel capture price, promotion, invoicing and authorization information—in the form of electronic signatures—in real time, without the use of paper forms or the need to manually re-enter data back at the office. Drivers can also access the latest warehouse or store delivery instructions in order to avoid back-door delays that affect on-time performance.

With the Toughbook computers' myriad of built-in options, including barcode scanning, RFID support and GPS capabilities, vendors have more visibility into, and ultimately control over, their deliveries and inventory—from manufacturer to the store shelf and every mile in between. Easy-to-navigate touch screen displays allow delivery drivers to instantly upload information to existing inventory management systems to produce real time reports on product availability. Ergonomically engineered, Toughbook computers are lightweight and rugged, providing drivers with a practical and reliable computing solution on the road.

Companies are leveraging Toughbook computing solutions within their delivery routes, allowing them to streamline activity at the back door and maximize time at the store shelf.