The entertainment industry has traditionally been a broad field, and this has only proliferated as different interests, trends, and brands use A/V technology to vie for consumers’ discretionary income. Along these lines, Panasonic A/V Solutions’ approach to A/V entertainment solutions cuts two ways:

  • Solutions for media companies who provide digital A/V content as their core product or service
  • Solutions for hospitality and leisure companies seeking to entertain and assist their customer and guests, often through media company partnerships

The different segments of the media industry – news, broadcast networks, narrower special interest channels, etc. – follows a well-worn value chain of creative development, content production, content sourcing, and distribution. As technology reduces the costs and barriers to entry, media companies across the the value chain are increasingly jostling for position.

Panasonic has been a steady supplier and partner to many companies in this space, with cameras, HDTVs, and production / broadcast room equipment at virtually any price point. LED displays now present new options for broadcasters to show the content they are investing in. They are they larger and infinitely more flexible than any HDTV (consider the option to add the audio, media player, and networking options that meet the needs of your facility or network infrastructure). Panasonic A/V Solutions recently upgraded Bloomberg Television’s existing display to a larger HD display – more than twice as much area as the world’s largest HDTV, at 152”, which is also made by Panasonic. Media companies around the world, who are looking to grab a hold of their viewers, are increasingly finding that LED is the best option.

As LED pricing continues to decline and screen resolutions continue to increase, LED displays are gaining all the video capabilities of the best HDTVs – including moving picture resolution, viewing angles, reliability, and longevity – that make them an attractive media investment, both visually and financially, for indoor or outdoor usage.

The increasing number of LED and A/V form factors is also being leveraged by the leisure and hospitality end of the entertainment industry. The modern consumer has a voracious appetite for information, even during vacation and leisure times. People want contextual and customized information, whether they are waiting in a line or watching a live performance. But smartphones don’t always have access or are not the best display method in a crowd setting. And for larger or outdoor crowd settings, LED technology is the only video option.

Panasonic A/V Solutions has worked closely with numerous hospitality and leisure companies to define and implement A/V solutions, based on both LED and HDTV display networks that differentiate the customers’ experience from anything they might get from their smartphone or living room HDTV. We have helped customers like ESPN Zone, Princess Cruises, Universal Orlando and Planet Hollywood, offers their customers a well-designed, information-right and entertaining experience.

Panasonic is actively working on enhancements to our LED capabilities (higher definition, more cost-defective to enable larger sizes), HDTVs, and variety of other technology solutions that will allow us to provide a seamless entertainment experience to any entertainment customer or venue. In addition we possess the experience, knowhow, financing, and partnership capabilities to offer a solution that, if supported by advertising for a portion of the display time, can be installed for far less cost to customers.