Brandvoice is a marketing communications agency located in Tenafly, NJ. Clients come from a variety of industries including consumer electronics, home furnishings, clothing manufacturers and professional sports. Their services include graphic design, branding and identity, web design and programming, copywriting and various other marketing services.


New Jersey-based marketing communications agency Brandvoice needed a unified communications system that could allow associates increased flexibility in their work schedules while reinforcing the cohesion and constant collaboration their creative industry demanded.


Brandvoice implemented the Panasonic SIP Cordless system with Vocalocity allowing all staff, working remotely or otherwise, to be connected through a centralized network and available for impromptu conferences with a single, one-touch page.


The agency got the inexpensive, full-featured communications system they needed, allowing team members working within the office and remotely to easily collaborate with each other in a unified and seamless way.

The Challenge Brandvoice designers and writers often work from home.

"Retaining creative talent these days requires flexibility, says owner John Sparkman. "So letting our artists and writers occasionally work from home is an accommodation we're definitely willing to make. We really don't miss a beat, especially in the age of electronic file delivery. It really is a win-win for all parties."

The hard part, though, was finding a communications system that tied everyone together while presenting a unified appearance to outside callers. Brandvoice also needed a cordless option for the office.

Sparkman continues. "A robust creative environment requires constant collaboration among team members. When we're on the phone with clients, we're always walking back and forth to each other's work spaces— looking at design revisions, quickly reviewing revised copy, getting status reports, etc.— all in real time. We can't be tied down to our desks so that made a cordless phone system a must."

The Solution For Brandvoice, a Panasonic SIP Cordless Phone System combined with Vocalocity service was the perfect solution.

"Not only did it deliver everything we were looking for, it was surprisingly inexpensive," Sparkman says. Callers to Brandvoice are greeted by an automated attendant and after choosing from a list of extensions, are seamlessly transferred to their party, whether that person's in the office or working at home. "Staff working at home have a base unit connected to the system so I can one-touch page them just as if they were in the next room," Sparkman said. "Or if a client calls, I can one-touch page the whole team and get everyone on the line for an impromptu conference."

What really sold Brandvoice on the system was the cordless option. Brandvoice initially considered a competing hosted service but hesitated because they didn't offer a cordless solution. "That wasn't going to fly as we had to have cordless— no way around it," explains Sparkman.

Brandvoice also balked at the expensive prospect of buying five base-unit phones. "That's when we found Vocalocity and they told us about the Panasonic SIP cordless system," said Sparkman. Brandvoice ended up purchasing a single base unit and four cordless handsets for the office which solved two problems at once—it gave them the mobility solution they needed yet spared them a major expense, despite getting phones for five extensions. Sparkman continues." I was surprised by how inexpensive the cordless handsets were. Especially since they had mostly the same features as the more expensive base unit. In the end, we got everything we needed—a big-business phone system without a big hardware expense, a cordless solution and a reasonable, flat monthly fee."


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