Veteran's Administration


From treating spinal cord injuries to implanting prosthetics, the Veterans Affairs' healthcare system and the vets they treat deserve the best service possible. Toughbook® rugged computers, engineered to endure the roughest of healthcare environments, can help VA staff do just that—and make their own jobs more efficient in the process. From rugged engineering to built-in wireless connectivity, Toughbook computers are valuable tools for VA hospitals looking to reduce their overall cost of ownership in their technology.



Electronic medical records reduce the time and expense—as well as errors—associated with patient care. They also help facilitate the quickest treatment possible, as e-records can be transmitted wirelessly in real time. To fulfill their promise, electronic health records need to be accessible 24 x7 by mobile medical professionals. Whether it's during rounds at the patient's bedside or at consultations with other professionals, doctors, nurses and others need a durable mobile device that can keep up with them.

For nursing homes and other assisted living facilities, Toughbook mobile computers provide the wireless connectivity and ruggedness required for managing digital records on the go. They are engineered to withstand accidental spills, drops and vibrations. That means Toughbook computers will experience less downtime and last longer than ordinary computers. Further reducing downtime is the superior battery life of Toughbook laptops and mobile clinical assistants (MCA's). That's good news for long-term care staff who depend on Toughbook computers to reliably access electronic medical records and instantly make updates to patient information. The reliability and superior uptime results in improved productivity, and most importantly, better patient care. 



Medical mobile carts provide nurses with extraordinary flexibility to bring the power of medical technology right to a patient's bedside. But employees often discover that ordinary computers are not equipped to handle the spills and vibrations common with cart-based computing.

Toughbook rugged laptops and mobile clinical assistants (MCA's) are engineered to be shock-, vibration- and spill resistant, making them ideal for cart-based use. Further, Toughbook computers can be custom-mounted to take advantage of the advanced ergonomic features built into today's medical mobile carts. This seamless integration enables nurses to deliver more efficient care when making their rounds. Using the integrated barcode scanner built into some Toughbook models, nurses scan patient wristbands to access patient records such as medication and dosage requirements — ensuring accurate readings and administering of proper dosage amounts. Nurses also review, update, and wirelessly revise those records on central servers. For further patient protection, Toughbook computers can be sanitized. Some units even have a fanless cooling design, ensuring that bacteria and viruses are kept contained by not sucking them into the device and blowing them out later.

Healthcare staff know that when a cart hits a wall, rugged Toughbook computers will keep on working, ready for the next patient. Because Toughbook computers are built for wireless communications and to withstand abuse, nurses are more productive and downtime is minimized, leading to superior patient care.



Sloppy handwriting and transcription mistakes lead to thousands of medication errors every year in hospitals and clinics alike. As a result, healthcare facilities are now switching to "paperless" systems to minimize these costly and dangerous errors. But ordinary computers often cannot take full advantage of the tremendous benefits of these paperless systems.

Rugged Toughbook laptops and mobile clinical assistants (MCA's) include all the necessary features to allow doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff to perform a number of tasks- from viewing medical records and X-rays to transcribing prescriptions. The advanced wireless capabilities enable healthcare professionals to access and update medical and patient records in real time. Even patient signatures are captured using the Toughbook computer's touch screen display. This not only eliminates messy paperwork, but the need for data entry which is costly and error-prone. In addition, Toughbook computers with integrated Bluetooth technology can receive signals from Bluetooth-enabled scanners that record medications labeled with barcodes. Some Toughbook computers, like the Toughbook MCA, include integrated barcode scanners, so users are able to scan medication and patient information directly into the unit.

The benefits provided by Toughbook mobile computers not only save time and expense, they help ensure greater accuracy of data, resulting in enhanced patient care and safety.



In order to streamline operations and reduce paperwork, more hospitals are using mobile computers to let patients complete self-service forms or access educational materials. However, lack of familiarity with the device, as well as a stressed and hurried environment, hardly give patients a reason to treat these computers with "kid gloves". As a result, these computers take a beating.

Hospitals are turning to Toughbook rugged laptops and mobile clinical devices (MCA's) as a solution that stands up to the potentially careless user. Toughbook computers are engineered to handle everything from soda spills to tumbles on the floor. With magnesium alloy cases, shock-mounted hard drives and other rugged features, hospitals can put Toughbook computers in patients' hands with confidence. Patients use them to watch educational videos, read post-op instructions, view their X-rays and much more. The daylight-viewable touch screen allows patients to fill out forms more quickly and easily than using paper forms. And it also allows hospital staff to capture patient signatures electronically. All of this data is streamed wirelessly to a central database where it is made available to doctors and nurses in real time.

Panasonic understands the need to control germs and diseases in these environments. That is why Toughbook laptops and MCA's can be sanitized using the most stringent standards. The MCA even comes with a built-in sanitization reminder and auditing system to ensure its cleanliness. And with its fanless design, it ensures that germs and viruses are not accidentally spread by sucking them into the machine and blowing them out later.

These features make Toughbook mobile computers the obvious choice for hospitals looking to reduce paperwork and streamline operations.



Part of the VA's duties is treating wounded and ill vets at home. However, many VA staff are finding that the rigors of travel wreak havoc on ordinary mobile computers, from cracked screens to water damage.

Toughbook rugged laptops and mobile clinical assistants (MCA's) can easily be carried from one home to another and many models are equipped with handles to ensure maximum portability. Due to polymer-encased hard drives that can absorb impacts and a sealed all-weather design, home-care VA nurses with Toughbook computers can focus on treating patients and not worry about treating their computers. That's because they're built to withstand the accidental bumps, drops and spills that may occur when treating patients. Toughbook laptops also have integrated mobile broadband, giving home health nurses the ability to communicate with colleagues and access and update records on the go- in real time. Further, Toughbook computers have long-lasting batteries, allowing VA nurses to work longer in-between charges.

The maximum uptime provided by Toughbook mobile computers translate to increase productivity for nurses and the scores of other dedicated VA employees. For VA facilities, it translates to lower costs and a higher return on their equipment. 



Field staff are not the only blood center workers on the move. Today's administrative personnel often find themselves spending more time in the field as more services and support move in that direction. However, they still need to stay connected and remain productive. And they need mobile computing solutions that can withstand the sometimes harsh conditions of travel.

Assistants, IT employees, district managers and other healthcare professionals can benefit from the durability that Panasonic's Toughbook mobile computers offer. All Toughbook models have spill resistant keyboards, shock-mounted hard drives and other rugged features that make them smart choices for use in the office or in the field. As a result, administrative staff working indoors find Toughbook computers just as resistant to bottled water and coffee spills as mobile staff find them resistant to extreme weather and rough treatment. With embedded wireless capabilities, Toughbook rugged computers empower staff to work anywhere, anytime. The unmatched reliability of these computers also help employees perform their duties without worrying about computer damage and malfunctions. This boosts productivity while at the same time reducing computer downtime and repair costs.