Pharmaceutical Sales


Professionals in the pharmaceutical and bio-med industries need mobile computers that can take the rigors of the road as well as the wear and tear of repeated disinfection. Toughbook® computers are road-worthy because they're equipped with rugged features that can absorb impacts and endure extreme weather. They are also perfect companions for clean rooms, as they can be sanitized to ensure a germ-free research space.



Professionals in laboratories need mobile computers than can not only offer wireless connectivity to share data in real time, but also computers that won't contaminate their research. Most computers, however, are not up to this challenge.

Toughbook® mobile computers, on the other hand, were made for clean rooms and can be sanitized repeatedly. Some models feature a fanless design so germs can't get sucked into the machine and blown out later. Other models are UL 1604-certified for spark-free use, making sure that Toughbook computers are safe to use in a potentially explosive environment. For added protection, rugged Toughbook computers come equipped with sealed keyboards and ports. With its advanced wireless capabilities, Toughbook computers enable pharmacologists and other scientists the means to communicate with colleagues and backend systems.

Another benefit of the Toughbook computers' rugged build is the lower failure rates when compared to standard mobile computers. Combined with superior battery life, Toughbook computers provide longer uptimes. The result is increased productivity, allowing scientists to focus on their research in their quest to discover the latest breakthroughs in medicine.



Getting pharmaceuticals from Point A to Point B is a complex operation, with little room for error. Mobile computers play an important role in ensuring timely and accurate delivery of products. However, ordinary mobile computers cannot operate in all the varied indoor and outdoor conditions that exist throughout the supply chain. This not only limits the usefulness of the device, but also limits worker productivity.

Toughbook rugged computers are engineered to work just about anywhere, from manufacturing facilities to outside the warehouse. They are built to withstand dust, dirt and other substances commonly found in warehouses and logistics hubs. Toughbook computers' all-weather design and daylight-readable displays allow workers to operate them outdoors in conditions ranging from hot, sunny days to freezing cold, inclement weather. Toughbook computers are also vibration- and water-resistant, making them rugged enough for use in boats to planes to trucks or even forklifts. Further, Toughbook computers have long battery lives, and are engineered with durable magnesium-alloy cases and shock-mounted hard drives to ensure maximum uptime.

These advantages allow employees tasked with the manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals to be more efficient and productive, and at the same time, reduce operational expenses.



In today's competitive marketplace, bio-med and pharmaceutical companies cannot afford to have their sales force idling in the field due to failed computer equipment or an inability to access important data. Today's sales reps require mobile computing solutions that can keep pace with them and endure the daily grind of being on the road. Reps also need reliable and instantaneous connectivity to their office systems and customers, from anywhere. Anything less can result in lost sales, dissatisfied customers, or worse, lost accounts.

Built for the road, Panasonic offers Toughbook rugged computers for the mobile sales force. Engineered with durable magnesium-alloy cases, shock-mounted hard drives and spill resistant keyboards, Toughbook computers can take the wear and tear of salespeople on the go. Rugged computing, however, doesn't come at the expense of mobility and convenience. Toughbook mobile computers offer features mobile sales reps expect, including a sleek and lightweight design, large, daylight-readable LCD's and full-size keyboards. Some models include a carrying handle for easier portability, eliminating the need for bulky carrying cases. The advanced wireless capabilities allow users to remain connected to customers and colleagues, as well as their files back at the office. Combined with an exceptionally long battery life, a sales force equipped with Toughbook computers are as productive on the road as they are at the office.



Due to transcription mistakes common in manual paperwork, more pharmaceutical or bio-med companies tasked with clinical trials are switching to a paperless systems to minimize these costly and dangerous errors.

Rugged Toughbook laptops and mobile clinical assistants (MCA's) include all the necessary features to allow staff to document, edit and manage records electronically. The advanced wireless capabilities enable employees to access and update records in real time. Even patient signatures are captured using the Toughbook computer's touch screen display. This not only eliminates messy paperwork, but the need for data entry which is costly and error-prone. In addition, Toughbook computers with integrated Bluetooth technology can receive signals from Bluetooth-enabled scanners that record medications labeled with barcodes. Some Toughbook laptops and Panasonic MCA devices, include integrated barcode scanners, so users are able to scan medication and patient information directly into the unit.

The benefits provided by Toughbook mobile computers not only save time and expense, they help ensure greater accuracy of data, resulting in enhanced patient care and safety.



Field staff are not the only blood center workers on the move. Today's administrative personnel often find themselves spending more time in the field as more services and support move in that direction. However, they still need to stay connected and remain productive. And they need mobile computing solutions that can withstand the sometimes harsh conditions of travel.

Assistants, IT employees, district managers and other healthcare professionals can benefit from the durability that Panasonic's Toughbook mobile computers offer. All Toughbook models have spill resistant keyboards, shock-mounted hard drives and other rugged features that make them smart choices for use in the office or in the field. As a result, administrative staff working indoors find Toughbook computers just as resistant to bottled water and coffee spills as mobile staff find them resistant to extreme weather and rough treatment. With embedded wireless capabilities, Toughbook rugged computers empower staff to work anywhere, anytime. The unmatched reliability of these computers also help employees perform their duties without worrying about computer damage and malfunctions. This boosts productivity while at the same time reducing computer downtime and repair costs.