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Whether helping patients become more independent or aiding those in the last years of life, nurses, aides, therapists and other professionals need reliable computing solutions to help them do their jobs. Cost-effective Toughbook® mobile computers are built to last and can withstand the abuse that occurs in mobile healthcare and hospice environments. Further, Toughbook computers provide the reliable wireless connectivity needed to help healthcare workers help others in need.  VIEW BROCHURE  



When replacing paper-based systems, home health operations often find that ordinary laptops and mobile clinical assistants (MCA's) simply don't measure up in today's e-healthcare environment. Too often mobility leads to cracked screens, missing keys and even water damage. 

Toughbook mobile computers can easily be carried from one home to another and many models are equipped with handles to ensure maximum portability. Due to polymer-encased hard drives that can absorb impacts and a sealed all-weather design, home nurses with Toughbook computers can focus on treating patients and not worry about treating their computers. That's because they're built to withstand the accidental bumps, drops and spills that may occur when treating patients. Toughbook laptops and MCA's also have integrated mobile broadband communications, giving home health nurses the ability to communicate in real time and to access records remotely. Further, Toughbook computers have batteries that last longer than most mobile computers, a fact that lets nurses work longer in-between charges. The longer uptime translates to better productivity and improved patient care. 

When at patients' homes, nurses and the scores of other dedicated healthcare employees can feel confident in their service, care and support with rugged Toughbook computers. 



Hospice patients are some of the most vulnerable individuals, so it's critical that they live free of bacteria and viruses. Often, though, hospice nurses discover that ordinary laptops and mobile clinical assistants (MCA's) can neither be sanitized nor are engineered to keep germs from spreading. 

Toughbook mobile computers are well suited for a hospice environment because they are rugged and can be sanitized. Toughbook rugged laptops and MCA's can be cleaned and sanitized with various wipes and alcohol solutions with 1kg/cm of pressure 10,000 times. In addition, the Toughbook MCA as well as some Toughbook laptops have a fanless design, which means that germs will neither be sucked in nor blown out of the units. And with features such as drop- and spill resistant engineering, nurses and other staff won't have to worry about their laptops being damaged by the wear and tear of a hospice environment. 

Armed with a Toughbook mobile computer, nurses can not only deliver safer care for their patients but also experience less computer downtime. 



In order to streamline operations and reduce paperwork, more hospitals are using mobile computers to let patients complete self-service forms or access educational materials. However, lack of familiarity with the device, as well as a stressed and hurried environment, hardly give patients a reason to treat these computers with "kid gloves". As a result, these computers take a beating. 

Hospitals are turning to Toughbook rugged laptops and mobile clinical devices (MCA's) as a solution that stands up to the potentially careless user. Toughbook computers are engineered to handle everything from soda spills to tumbles on the floor. With magnesium alloy cases, shock-mounted hard drives and other rugged features, hospitals can put Toughbook computers in patients' hands with confidence. Patients use them to watch educational videos, read post-op instructions, view their X-rays and much more. The daylight-viewable touch screen allows patients to fill out forms more quickly and easily than using paper forms. And it also allows hospital staff to capture patient signatures electronically. All of this data is streamed wirelessly to a central database where it is made available to doctors and nurses in real time. 

Panasonic understands the need to control germs and diseases in these environments. That is why Toughbook laptops and MCA's can be sanitized using the most stringent standards. The MCA even comes with a built-in sanitization reminder and auditing system to ensure its cleanliness. And with its fanless design, it ensures that germs and viruses are not accidentally spread by sucking them into the machine and blowing them out later. 

These features make Toughbook mobile computers the obvious choice for hospitals looking to reduce paperwork and streamline operations. 



When helping home care and hospice patients with wound care and other tasks, all equipment, including mobile computers should be sanitized. However, most mobile computers can't even handle the simplest of disinfection procedures. 

Toughbook mobile computers and mobile clinical assistants (MCA's), unlike ordinary computers, can be disinfected repeatedly with alcohol prep pads, Sani-Cloth Plus moist wipes and other products, ensuring that germs will be minimized when treating patients. Further, the Toughbook MCA and some Toughbook laptops have integrated cameras that can take pictures of wounds, documenting how they are healing over time.

All Toughbook computers are backed by a three-year warranty and 24-hour technical support. Combine these features with battle-tested ruggedness and Toughbook computers save money over the long haul and help nurses provide the safest patient care possible. 


Field staff are not the only blood center workers on the move. Today's administrative personnel often find themselves spending more time in the field as more services and support move in that direction. However, they still need to stay connected and remain productive. And they need mobile computing solutions that can withstand the sometimes harsh conditions of travel. 

Assistants, IT employees, district managers and other healthcare professionals can benefit from the durability that Panasonic's Toughbook mobile computers offer. All Toughbook models have spill resistant keyboards, shock-mounted hard drives and other rugged features that make them smart choices for use in the office or in the field. As a result, administrative staff working indoors find Toughbook computers just as resistant to bottled water and coffee spills as mobile staff find them resistant to extreme weather and rough treatment. With embedded wireless capabilities, Toughbook rugged computers empower staff to work anywhere, anytime. The unmatched reliability of these computers also help employees perform their duties without worrying about computer damage and malfunctions. This boosts productivity while at the same time reducing computer downtime and repair costs.