The City of White House


The City of White House

Just north of Nashville, Tennessee, the city of White House experienced rapid growth in the 1990's, transforming from a small village to a diverse community of almost 9,000 residents.


The City of White House, Tennessee, needed achieve efficiency of an integrated system across multiple sites that required replacing multiple antiquated communications systems to ensure 100% availability to its citizens.


White House created a unified phone system using the Panasonic KX-TDA system with centralized voice mail, wireless phones, desktop phones, IP gateway cards, IP extensions, door opener cards, PRI cards, SD cards and overhead cabling for system sharing.


The City was able to seamlessly connect the multiple sites, consolidate multiple systems and provide four-digit dialing – with the system being easy to use and service but without downtimes.


The city's communication system, which covered the entire municipal presence — the mayor's office, fire department, police department, water department, etc. — had been in place well before the changes took place, and, in fact, it was difficult to get service and parts for the City Hall system due to its age.