In-vehicle Solutions



For public sector field crews and emergency first responders, getting to the scene of a crime, fire, disaster or outage is critical and often a life and death situation. Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers help public sector workers respond more quickly and provide immediate, remote access to critical information that can be vital in averting or responding to a disaster.



Law enforcement personnel, whether responding to an emergency, making a routine traffic stop or conducting a police stakeout, rely on computer-equipped vehicles to serve as their mobile command centers. Ill-equipped or unreliable in-vehicle computing solutions can negatively impact an officer's ability to assist victims, access police records or solve a crime. In addition, law enforcement agencies need to guard against computer theft and stolen data at all times. To address the unique in-vehicle computing needs of law enforcement agencies, Panasonic has created its vehicle-mounted-rugged Toughbook Permanent Display Removable Computer (PDRC) to work with its two fully-rugged Toughbook laptops: Toughbook 19 and Toughbook 30. 

The Toughbook PDRC provides the perfect visualization and data entry solution for use in the front of any vehicle. Its 12.1" display and full-size keyboard were designed with ergonomics and safety in mind. The display and keyboard can be mounted independently for easy viewing and access without interfering with the operation of the vehicle or air bag deployments. The PDRC's fully adjustable, 1,250 nit touch screen gives officers the ability to easily modify screen brightness to allow them to work in all working conditions, from bright daylight to pitch darkness. The backlit keyboard is spill resistant and includes a touchpad, providing a dependable solution for more accurate and efficient data entry and retrieval. 

The Toughbook PDRC has been engineered to be a seamless extension of Toughbook computers, which provide the processing power, data storage and wireless capabilities to complete the in-vehicle solution. Toughbook fully-rugged laptops, due to their resistance to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, liquids and humidity, can be securely mounted in the safety of the vehicle's trunk. Since the Toughbook computer is responsible for processing and storing all data, sensitive information will not be lost or compromised in the event the Toughbook PDRC is stolen or vandalized. This provides officers with the freedom to leave the vehicle unattended if the need arises. For even greater security and mobile computing flexibility, the Toughbook laptop can be easily removed from the trunk of the vehicle. 

Combining Toughbook high-performance computing power with the utility of the PDRC, Panasonic gives today's mobile law enforcement officers a reliable, comprehensive and secure mobile computing solution that helps them continue to "serve and protect." 


When disaster strikes, access to vital information and the ability to organize it quickly are critical to a successful outcome. Personnel, equipment and vehicles from more than one department may respond to a call, and the coordination of these resources can become a challenge. Traditionally, a whiteboard and waterproof paper have been used to organize an emergency response and provide accountability. However, this is a slow and cumbersome method just when alacrity and efficiency are required. 

Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers are engineered to withstand the rigors—including the harsh weather—often associated with emergency situations. Using specialized software that organizes, lists, tracks and assigns resources, Toughbook laptops can help battalion chiefs more effectively manage a response effort—when downtime is not an option. Because Toughbook computers offer embedded, robust wireless connectivity, law enforcement, Fire/EMS, hazmat and other departments can communicate and coordinate more efficiently to save lives and property.