Interview Room Solution



With its long heritage of Law Enforcement Solutions, Panasonic has set the standard in rugged and reliable video solutions for law enforcement. Today, our continued commitment to law enforcement enables us to offer a broader range of technologies and complete end-to-end solutions to help increase and enhance officer safety and productivity.


The Panasonic Arbitrator Interview™ serves as an ideal video capture and retrieval system in interview room applications. With unmatched video capture, storage and transfer at every angle, law enforcement professionals can focus on the person of interest with the full faith and confidence of knowing that no response, facial expression or body movement will go unseen or undocumented. The Panasonic Arbitrator Interview is proven to capture the highest quality evidence, reduce legal exposure and ensure officer safety.


The main camera on the Panasonic Arbitrator Interview provides an industry-best 68.4° wide-angle view, plus configurable 220x digital zoom, giving officers full coverage throughout the interview room. In addition, five cameras can also be added to cover all angles of a suspect or person of interest. And with 16 different customizable action-based triggers, an officer can initiate the recording and documentation of an interview at any time.

  • Other features include:
    • Low-light technology for high-sensitivity
    • Auto zoom, auto focus and auto white balance for easy camera operation
    • Resistant to dust, vibration, splashes and extreme temperatures
    • Full magnesium alloy case for ultimate hardware protection


    Easily installed in any area of the room, the Panasonic Arbitrator Interview's video and audio recorder utilizes H.264 video compression to deliver high-quality video resolution at a low file size. Video evidence is offloaded seamlessly and securely.

    • Other features include:
      • User-definable pre and post-event recording up to 90 seconds
      • Up to 2,592 hours of recording time at 1 frame/second
      • Reduced storage costs with no loss of quality of video files


      The Arbitrator Interview also features an ultra-portable and powerful wireless microphone that attaches easily to a police officer's uniform and can transmit quality audio up to 1,000 feet from the receiver.

      • Other features include:
        • Auto scanning for the clearest communication channels and auto syncs between wireless microphone and receiver
        • Up to 95 channels available in the open 2400MHz–2483MHz band


        The Panasonic Arbitrator Interview utilizes high-capacity SD Card (SDHC) technology that is designed for evidence capture allowing for superior reliability secure storage of captured evidence. The flexibility of adding up to 128GB of storage is available. Other features include SDHC Class 10 performance enables evidence to be collected and transferred quickly and efficiently.


        The Panasonic Arbitrator Interview's new software system, Arbitrator Command®, was designed to easily adapt and configure to an agency's individual standard operating procedures. A common user interface allows officers and administrators to view evidence with the same setup and functionality. With access to video files set to the rights and privileges of the administrator, Arbitrator Command® allows documented video to turn into manageable events, providing a strong link in your chain of evidence. Other features include:

        • Other features include:
          • Five customizable fields in the front-end application to eliminate terminology changes
          • Classification options enable seamless archiving and retrieving of data
          • Auditing reports are provided to ensure that officers know where their video is and who is viewing it


          The Panasonic Arbitrator Interview is the only fully integrated digital video system engineered specifically from law enforcement customers' feedback. Its reliable solid-state digital technology has set the standard in video evidence capture and processing, improving evidence management to ensure the streamlining of operations and the reduction of financial and personal risks associated with civil lawsuits. With a user-friendly interface on both the front-end and back-end systems, the Panasonic Arbitrator Interview makes it easier to archive, search, manage and track data. Not only does it save agencies time and space, but by protecting the chain of evidence, the Panasonic Arbitrator Interview improves officer safety, reduces agency liability and gives law enforcement professionals the confidence they require in the courtroom.