Digital Video Evidence



With the Panasonic® Arbitrator 360°, the Arbitrator Interview™ and the Panasonic WV-TW310 Series wearable camera, law enforcement agencies now have a comprehensive, reliable way to capture, manage and process evidence. Keeping law enforcement covered on the streets, in the station and in court is how we're engineering a better world.

Digital Video Evidence CaptureThe Panasonic digital evidence portfolio provides your agency with five key advantages for operations:

    • Capture and manage evidence from a single platform
    • Increase officer safety
    • Increase compliance with agency policies and procedures
    • Decrease organization liability and litigation
    • Ensure evidence integrity for prosecution and conviction

    The Panasonic Arbitrator 360° provides a 360-degree view of the environment around the vehicle and the officer when used with the wearable camera. As a result, officers' decisions and actions are captured and can be used to ensure officers are using all safety mechanisms.

    The Panasonic SafeServe® software provides the unique ability for a command staff to manage users, evidence retention, system configuration and access from one single application instead of multiple platforms. It helps achieve total digital asset management and strengthens and protects the links in your chain of evidence.

    The Panasonic Arbitrator 360° mobile digital video system and Panasonic Arbitrator Interview™ room solution are designed to easily adapt and configure to an agency's individual standard operating procedures with five customizable fields that eliminate terminology changes. Review of the video evidence allows agencies to conduct quality assurance and quality improvement reviews of officer interactions for training purposes. Agency compliance ensures your community receives the highest level of service and protection.

    Citizens are much less likely to file false complaints against officers when they know that incidents are accurately recorded. Pre- and post-event recording allows an officer to capture violations and the entire interaction with the public.

    The Panasonic Digital Video Evidence Capture systems help protect your organization from false claims that can cost millions of dollars and weaken community relations. It also provides evidence integrity for prosecution and improved conviction rates. The Panasonic Arbitrator evidence capture solution provides tamper-proof, unbiased evidence that's protected against manipulation or modification at a system level. This allows documented video to turn into manageable events for a stronger link in the chain of evidence. It provides a comprehensive chain of custody from the time of file creation until it is exported from the system for dissemination. When utilized in partnership with law enforcement and courts, video evidence can be automatically shared with prosecutors, improving the chain of custody and reducing time required for dissemination. It also provides your agency with the ability to easily share evidence on DVD, in Windows Media format or in a native form without the risk of data loss due to corrupt DVDs or hard disk drive failures. The Panasonic Arbitrator 360° system supports automatic burning using the Primera 4102 DVD jukebox for easy dissemination of evidence to the courts and other stakeholders. The Panasonic Jukebox Manager software automates the DVD creation and burning process based upon the criteria your agency chooses.